How do I change my user name?

I’ve had 2 requests from someone whose name is very similar to mine to change my username and although I’ve tried to access FAQ I can’t because each time it “times out” so how else can I do it?

I believe you have to either get a new one and have a mod delete the old one, or at least have a mod change it. Either way you’ll get a better answer in ATMB.

Well, IMO, no one should be asking you to change your name. You picked it out, presumably for a reason, and if it’s similar to someone else’s, that’s too bad if they don’t like it.

That said, if you do want to change it, email TubaDiva and she’ll take care of it for you.

Email an Administrator (not a Moderator) to request a name change.

Thanks Q.E.D. Good sig! lol!

Actually, thanks also to Ringo (Ringo? lol) and Joey P :slight_smile:

As Ringo pointed out, administrators can change names; we mere moderators cannot. I agree with Q.E.D., it should be your decision, but if you should decide to change it, you can email TubaDiva at AOL dot com and she can take care of it. As a courtesy, you should put your former UserName in your sig for a little while.

Just to be clear, do NOT reregister with a new name. That is against our rules.

Since this is a question About This Message Board, I’ll move it to ATMB for you.

Off to ATMB.

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irishbird on behalf of Mangetout (who I’m sure will be along soon), please consider changing your name to Chicken of Bristol and make his week.