Is there a way to change your user name?

I looked through the profile pages and faqs and did not see anything.

Did I miss an obvious how-to page, or is it in fact not possible?


You can’t change your own, but you can have it changed by an administrator, yes.

You’ll want to talk to contact TubaDiva by email or private message and let her know what name you would like to use instead.

Along with why you want the change. As I recall, we don’t grant them just “because.”


In any case, you recall incorrectly. One change has always been granted on request; it’s only if you need to change it yet again that reasons become important.

As others have said. Email your request to either TubaDiva or myself ( or, using the email in your registration (as a security precaution) and we’ll be glad to help you with a name change.

Yes, it appears I was conflating first and second name changes. :smack:

And it’s probably a good idea to start your email subject line with “SDMB”, so it doesn’t get tossed out with the spam.