Not coming back after pay period starts, at least for a little while

As I am in high school and not in total control of my finances, I will not buy a $5 membership. I plan to buy a $15 membership when I am in college. The break will probably do me some good, and I will continue to lurk, and will probably take advantage of the 30-day guest trial offer.

But an early farewell for now. Hope to see you all again in September. And of course I will probably be posting up to the moment my free account is taken from me.

Good luck, in what ever life throws your way.

Thank you! Same to all of you.

We really need a consolidated thread for all of us leaving, since some of us probably don’t think we warrant our own independant thread. Anyways, it’d make it easier to get the roster of departees.

I tried to start one here .

fetus, I’d like to pay for your subscription if you wish to stay.

Thank you so much! I got your email, and will be keeping in touch with you. When the signup period starts, you can sign me up and I’ll send you the $5 if you wish.

BTW, in case I didn’t make it clear in the OP and some of you are wondering why I can send $5 to cherry but not to the SDMB, I have the money, it’s just that I can’t sign up for things online due to parental restrictions.