Not Dorothy Parker

Somebody here in the computer lab just asked me if I knew who Dorothy Parker was. I said sure, she was that photographer during the Great Depression. Wrong. She was a writer, they say. I look it up on the 'net, and sure enough. . .
The question is, who was that photographer?


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Yopu’re probably thinking of Margaret Bourke-White. TNT did a TV bio-pic about her several years ago with Farrah Fawcet playing the role. And if you recall 1982’s Ghandi, she was present there also, played by Candice Bergen.

I think you are thinking of Dorothea Lange; perhaps her best known photo is this:

More info


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dwtno: Sorry, I have no idea who she is! And I was only a year old when Ghandi came out – I’ve never seen it. Thanks for trying to help, though.

ThufferinThuccotash: Yes, that’s exactly who I’m thinking! Thank you!


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Sorry but I have to chime in here.

The mans name is spelled Mahatma Gandhi.

The mispelling in my handle is intentional, partly out of respect and partly to accentuate the “evil” aspect. Ala the goatee sporting “evil” Spock.

Ok I was drunk and I screwed it up too, so sue me. Hehehe.

Oh, Cess, darling, let me be the first to introduce you to Mrs. Parker! From reading your posts, I think you will like her (you need brains to appreciate Dot, and you certainly have those).

Rush out and get The Portable Dorothy Parker, which has a good many of her short stories, poems and book and play reviews. I personally can take or leave her poems (though some are clever) and her short stories range from brilliant to mawkish. But her reviews (which she herself brushed off) are priceless, just as funny and sharp as they were in the 1910s and '20s!

There are three bios of her; my favorite is the one by Marion Meade.Ignore the Jennifer Jason leigh film.

I hope I got this right (esp. the name of the school):

“If all the Vasser girls were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.” --Dorothy Parker

Poor Vasser. It was Yale.

“You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think.” – Dorothy Parker

For a pretty good intro to the person who would easily have been the greatest SDMB poster in history, try here. (Can you imagine a flame war with her?)

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On being asked if she enjoyed a party:

“Loved it! One more drink and I’d have been under the host!”

I can imagine having my ass handed to me in a flame war, but I would dearly love to watch things develop.

Flick Lives!

A starlet to Parker, ushering her through a door first: “Age before beauty!” Parker, sweeping through ahead of the starlet: “Pearls before swine!”

A book review I have had the opportunity to quote far too many times (see “Dutch”):

“This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly. It is to be thrown with great force.”

Well, it was all the girls attending the Yale PROM.

In Dorothy’s day there were, of course, no girls at Yale. You had to import them from Vassar and Holyoke and slip 'em in past the floor monitor.


< gulp > You’re right of course.

:: Slinks off ::

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Dorothy! Dorothy! Dorothy! delirium

Go immediately to and read all her poetry right away. She is my fave poet of all time.

I will say that Dorothy Parker is the only person by whom I would like to have been insulted.

Well, Cessandra, I do hope all this has convinced you to run willy-nilly, if not helter-skelter, to your nearest library or bookstore to check Mrs. Parker out!

Picture, if you will, a tête-à-tête between Parker and Oscar Wilde…


That’s all right, old bean. We’d expect no less from a Harvard man…

– Uke, strumming a rousing rendition of “Betty Co-ed”

Ike: I wasn’t Ivy, but I believe that the correct response is: “Harvard man! It was a simple mistake. I see no reason to insult me.”

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Cessandra, I think the photographer you’re thinking of is Ansel Adams. Or maybe it’s Zapruder. Or maybe if you told us what pictures this mystery photographer took…
Sorry, Cessandra, I misunderstood, now the last day is dawnin’ / Some of us heard you, but none of us would listen to words of warnin’.