Not for all the x in y!

You know the saying, when someone vehemently refuses something and not even all the something in something would change their mind. “All the tea in China” is the most common variation, “…all the apple sauce in Glückenschabbel” is the Rainier Wolfcastle’s take, Paxman rejected the option of running for London mayor “not for all the eclairs in Paris”.

What’s your favourite variation on the phrase, or one that you’d use? For some reason I like like alcohol variations, “not for all the Scotch in Speyside” is my usual go-to.

I usually create one taylored to the situation. Sorry.

Not for all the pencils in Pennsylvania. :slight_smile:

So you wouldn’t give an answer for all the hypotheticals on the Dope?

Not for all the Rum in the Caribbean.

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a clever math joke or not. If it is, well bravo! :slight_smile:

Frank Barone: “Not for all the tea in China, nor for all the Chinese waitresses who bring the tea”.

Google completes “not for all the” with:

love in the world
tea in China
money in the world
nickels in Jupiter

It’s interesting, and sort of touching, that love beats out money. The nickels in Jupiter surprised me, but it’s an apparent reference an online comic called Schlock Mercenary.

Being as I am from the southern USofA and Georgia in particular, I am quite fond of:

“Not for all the grits in Georgia!”

I’m alternating between booing and laughing. I’m absolutely stealing this.

“Not for all the Hookers in Vegas”

“I wouldn’t trade places with Edmund Exley right now for all the whiskey in Ireland.”-- Captain Dudley Smith

Well, there’s Dylan’s verse from “I Shall Be Free No. 10”:

I’m liberal but to a degree
I want everyone to be free
But if you think I’ll let Barry Goldwater
Move in next door or marry my daughter
You must think I’m crazy!
I wouldn’t let him do it for all the farms in Cuba!

Not for all the maple syrup in Canada!

“I wouldn’t ____________________ for a free weekend in Pismo Beach!”

Had a friend who was fond of using that line.

“Not for all the X on the Internet.”

X can be: cat videos, porn, etc.

All the honey in Tupelo?

This sounds like the cousin of the remark “what’s that got to do with the price of x in y?”

Soccer balls in Argentina?

Feel free! I’m sure I stole it from somewhere myself - even if, when I was maybe 5, I actually thought Pennsylvania had that name because that was where pencils came from.

The Warners made that joke in Animaniacs. Being cartoons, they came from pencils, so obviously (?) “Pencilvania” was their ancestral homeland.

OP, how about, “Not for all the Karo pies in Dixie.”?