Not only do I love my hubby but ThinkGeek Too!

DaHubby surprised me with my Xmas presents early. He knows how much I like stuff from, so while he was ordering something for himself (the Annoy-A-Tron), he got me a Sparkle Lava Lamp that’s powered thru the USB port on your computer, and a t-shirt with “meh” on it. Too bad we were late for work and I have a rotten cold, else he’d be getting a nice thank you shagging right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Those sound like cool gifts.

I purchased my first ThinkGeek item a week ago. I got my daughter a Sun Jar. It was cheaper on there than other websites and I found a $5 promotion code that basically covered the shipping costs.

I hope she likes it.

The order came with a catalog that my BF became amazed with and found several things he would like. It gave me more Christmas present ideas.

I ordered my wife a Pinnacle wifi media player for christmas to replace our non-working stereo. She could use the video player to play mp3s, but she objected to turning on the TV to play music :smack:

Ebuyer did not bag the box (as they have always done in the past). And they delivered it when she was at home. :frowning:


Out of curiosity, who was the Annoy-a-tron for?

Personally, it’s the first and only time I’ve been tempted to get a “present” for my manager.

I have the “meh” shirt. Sometimes the only way to express my feelings for the day ahead of me is to wear it. It’s great.

I’m pretty they started that site by making a list of every object they could think of, then trying to find a way to make it plug into a USB port.

I wanna know what their getting for an Annoy-a-tron. I gotta 14-year-old I’m willing to get rid of dirt cheap. And he doesn’t need batteries.

I’m getting my SO the Meh shirt too, as well as the fuzzy D20.

I forgot to get myself the “Expendable” red Star Trek shirt. :frowning:

I bought myself a Star Trek phaser 2, and another one for my buddy. I got my superviser the red swingline, oh, and I bought myself the retro telephone handset for my cel phone.

I love me some ThinkGeek!

The Dr Who Tardis USB hub from ThinkGeek is on my Christmas list. I almost put the titanium spork on the list, but decided not to.

Hubby got it to drive the office “know it all asshanky brownosing fuck” insane. He won’t tell me where he hid it in that idiot’s office, but I do know he’s been going around asking people “is your UPS beeping?”

Hee hee hee…

Are you going to be modding your phaser?

Just don’t spend all your money at thinkgeek, as then you won’t have money to get things from the Steampunk gift guide, Makezine Shop, the Open Source Hardware Gift Guide, Kelvin, The Black Hole of Los Alamos, United Nuclear, Edmund Scientific, American Science & Surplus, and well, the sites listed here, here, and here. (Ah, to have Bill Gates Visa card for 20 minutes. I could change the world, I tells ya.)


Just, wow.

I second that “wow”.

I need to order the wifi t-shirt that actually senses wifi networks and has leds on the front.

Don’t know who’s getting it for Xmas yet, but someone is.

I so want the Meh shirt. Hubby has promised it to me for my birthday :slight_smile: As for me, I am eagerly awaiting a shipment from ThinkGeek but cannot disclose the contents therein as both my husband and daughter have been known to read the sdmb – and the items in the shipment will be stocking stuffers. If I won the lottery Wednesday, ThinkGeek, Penzy’s Spices and Aer Lingus would be getting huge chunks of cash from me!