Not really a "to kill" list . . .

I don’t really have a list of people that I hope will die, just a list of people that I wouldn’t try to rescue if they were drowning in a pool. (Where I live the Good Samaritan Laws don’t require me to help). Does that make me evil?

As of now there are only three people on that list. Two of them are from High School which I know sounds juvenile. They were a teacher and the principal. The teacher (our band director) insulted students to their face (making a few cry), kicked kids out of class for messing up, didn’t believe me when I said I had epilepsy and had a seizure in class, tried to have us all suspended, and the principal backed him up and tried to suspend us when we took our complaints to the School Board.

I know, it still sounds kind of petty.

The other one is my uncle who sexually molested his daughter. We don’t know when it started but we found out when she was nine, and it had been happening for some time. This was the same time he was cheating on his wife and putting them $30,000 in debt. It’s good that he isn’t in jail so something like 75% of his income goes to his wife and 5 kids, but part of me would be happy knowing he was someone’s bitch in prison.

Do other people have a list, or is it just me?

Clarification, please-Why is it a good thing that he isn’t in jail? He may be paying the bills, but he is also still free to abuse other children, and I’m not sure any amount of payoff is worth that risk.

Good because at that time my aunt didn’t have a job and if he went to jail they would have had no income. He has been labeled as a sex offender and is on the websites and can’t be near playgrounds etc, which (according to current theory in the US) will keep him from doing anything else. He moved in with his parents, my aunt moved and all the $$ from him goes through another person. I have no clue if he knows where they live right now.

Let’s just say that I can almost understand why people kill or pay others to kill their exes.

I had to literally escape from my ex husband, and for the last year I was with him I would start to become hopeful that he’d gotten in an accident if he was late home from work. He also made my life miserable after I left him because we had a child together, and he constantly threatened to take her. If he died I’d be relieved, but if he were drowning I’d still save him. I couldn’t take an active or passive part in his death myself.

Since all this happened he’s become chronically ill, and is now pretty much homeless. I figure it’s perhaps some sort of karma that this happened and if he dies I’ll still be relieved, but during his supervised visitation last weekend I gave him $20 and a warm sweatshirt. I don’t want him to suffer, I just want to be free of him.

Depends. Am I on it?

If I found out the kids’ mom(previously known as Bitchface)'s entire family was electrocuted in some freak family photo accident (a la the beginning of the movie King Ralph) I would laugh and laugh and laugh. They’re all redneck dumbfucks who are full of drama and spite, and cost me many thousands of dollars and years of my life.