Not sure whether to giggle at the cat or frown at the cop

but either way, this is one friendly kitty. The frown would be at about 1:20, but no strong condemnation.

I want this cat.

Cute kitty, but I can see why he was driving the officer crazy! It’s hard to be authoritative with a kitten on your head. :slight_smile:

It looks more like the officer pushed the cat away with his foot, rather than kicked him. I wouldn’t worry about the cat, he looks fine.

What a cute kitten! They are so adorable at that age - all curious about everything! My two are grown up and lazy now (though I do currently have one sleeping across my feet!)

Is the video supposed to take a hundred hours to load?

It shouldn’t. Here it is again, if that helps.

Yeah, I can’t view it either.

Still nothin’. :frowning:

The little rings just spin around and around.

I don’t know if it’s the same video, but I just went to YouTubeand saw this one instead.

That’s really funny, and the cop was actually very patient with the kitty.

The “kick” didn’t bother me. I’ve used that move on our cats before–hook a foot under their bellies and push them away. Of course, just like this kitty, they just come right back.

So cute!

Ah, thank you. Sounds like that’s the one. Soooo persistent of that kitty!

Yay, a working video! =^_^=

The dashcam video is great, but what the hell is up with that news segment? They cut to a video of a guy describing a video! What the hell do they think they’re doing? Radio? Show the goddamned video! Have the guy do voice over, if you think it’s that important!

Yep, that’s the video, thanks for finding it!

I agree, I don’t really understand the need to keep going back to the supervisor, it took away from watching the cat.

That’s just too funny! I felt so sorry for the officer, trying to preserve his businesslike approach with that cat climbing him like a tree! I mean, it’s bad enough that the guy’s name is Keith Urban–probably gets all kinds of remarks about THAT as it is, without having to attempt to maintain his dignity while fending off a friendly feline! :slight_smile:

That’s one patient cop.

I couldn’t get the video under firefox switched to IE (temporarily for certain) and it worked fine.

I see a need for police cats. Cop pulls you over and dumps friendly black domestic shorthair with nylon POLICE kitty-coat and eeensy ittle badge into car. Extreme cuteness prompts compliance.

I used to live next door to a cat like that. My apartment was in the basement. From the mailbox to my door, the sidewalk sloped downwards, and next to it was a stone retaining wall. Simon would run along the top of the wall next to me until I got low enough that he could step over on to my shoulders.

Friendly little beast.

Don’t tase me, meow!

What a cutie! And yes, opening the link in an Explorer tab worked.


Turning off adblock in firefox worked for me. It tends to make most videos work.