Not that I know [edited: Spiders]

WHen I was a little girl, I was very animal friendly, and I used to play with 20 to 30 of these spiders at a time. I wa never bit and they were actually very cute. It could have just been my age and mentality, but from my experience, these guys are harmless. True Fact!!!

Link to the column, please?

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As Inner Stickler hints, there are many (MANY!) columns (and Staff Reports) about spiders, from Daddy Long Legs to camel spiders. It would be helpful to other readers if you would please let us know what kind of spiders you’re talking about. Otherwise, people don’t know what to say back.

You could either post a link to the column, or you could just indicate the type of spider, or you could email me at

I’ve also edited the thread title to be clear what the thread is about. There are lots of threads here, and the title needs to help readers figure out which threads to read.

No biggie, you’ll know for next time, and welcome!

For some reason I misread that as “[re: Spoilers]” and wondered what was being spoiled, and whether I wanted to read the thread to find out. :smack: