Not to be a Grinch, but...(NORAD Santa tracking)

Aren’t non-essential US government operations supposed to be shut down?

How is this feel-good/PR stunt funded?

I don’t know about now but in years past the event has been run by a third party, just with NORAD’s blessing.

But not-essential US government operations aren’t shut down, just those that don’t already have funding approved. E.g. DOE is operating as normal. I don’t know how NORAD’s funding gets appropriated.

According to Wikipedia, it’s done largely by volunteers.

The people I know that have been “on Santa duty” find it pretty fun. Media event, so you have some Public Affairs folks, and a few operators as a secondary. It’s quiet over Christmas - usually - this is a fun task.

In any case, the Department of Defense and several other agencies had their budgets funded a couple years ago, and thus are not shutting down. Other agencies not subject to the shutdown because their budgets are already law include the VA, Congress, Department of Health and Human Services, and a few others.

Not to be a Grinch, but…(NORAD Santa tracking)

You serious, Clark?

I’d hardly call NORAD " non essential"

Which is irrelevant, because NORAD, NORTHCOM, and the whole DoD isn’t subject to a shutdown because they have no lapse in funding.

Other agencies do have a lapse in funding, and those are the ones being shut down.

I for one, consider Santa to be most essential. :smiley:

Thanks for the replies.

So is it the case that certain agencies are 100% funded, and their operations carry on as normal, and other agencies are not, and they are completely shut down?

I was under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that there was some more finely-tuned, lower-level distinction between “essential” and “non-essential” jobs/services, with the former continuing despite the shutdown.

(I don’t know what an example would be - I mean, a National Park site might be closed, but there is still some basic level of security there to turn people away and keep an eye on things, no?)

besides its just an pc program that bounces a dot randomly around om a map…and the same every year…….

Some parts are fully funded. For those that are not, there can still be this essential/non thing.

Not quite.

Departments that are funded conduct business as usual; there’s no need to determine essential or non-essential. They are funded to operate. Essential vs non-essential only applies to departments that aren’t funded.

For example:
DOD is fully funded and continues to do what Congress funded them to do.

DHS is not funded. They are shut down. They can still perform tasks labeled as essential services with a minimum of personnel.

You saying Santa follows the same route every year?:dubious: Must be a pain when people move into a new subdivision or a calamity wipes out a section of town then.:wink:

Canada is part of NORAD. We’re not shut down.

Sort of - we go to a lighter duty - so non-essential personnel go on Christmas leave.