Not Worth Posting

Any threads you thought about but decided weren’t worth posting? (Briefly) describe them here, and if anyone indicates an interest, we can discuss it.

My contribution-

GD Resolved: Captain Kathryn Janeway is mentally ill.

ummm…Well how about…Naa forget it.

A reply to Chief Scott in this thread…

I usually think of couple of dozen per day. The problem is thinking of anything that IS worth posting.

“Which is bigger: your left nostril or your right one?”

“Why do birds sing so gay?”

“Man, I really like chocolate!”

“How many times can you say the word ‘spatula’ in one minute?”

“That George Bush – is he dumb or what?”

“That Al Gore – is he a loser or what?”

“That Ralph Nader – who the hell is he again?”

“Non-Sequential Thread Titles”

“Did I mention I like chocolate?”