What were you thinking...

… before your attention was drawn to this thread?

About grocery shopping.

I was thinking “Damn, what an interesting fellow this Lobsang is.”

Unfortunately, now I have to reconsider that.

mmmmmm … Popcorn.

About my teeth, actually.

That’s funny because right after I thought about groceries I thought about your teeth too.

that I’m gonna feel bad removing my kitty from my lap to go check on laundry

I was thinking about how Doper The Stranger has been “a ghost” in his own life. And then I thought that it was poetic in a certain way, but I really had nothing relevant to add to the thread, so I let it stand on its own poetic merit.

I was thinking, what is this thread about, I guess I will open it up and find out.

I was thinking I’d like to stop into the MPSIMS area, and that it has a totally different feel than the GD or Pit. Then I though I’d find something funny or amusing. Then I though WTH (what the heck) is this thread about. Disappointed? I don’t know, I’m out of thoughts.

I was thinking “Ow, my eye hurts, damn that contact. I should get glasses maybe? But then again…they cost at least $100 so forget it. What’s a little eye pain anyway? Oooh, what were you thinking thread? Hmmm…I wonder what that’s about?”

That our resient National Treasure deserves an alter festooned with Rhinestone Jesuses (Jesusi??) and damn I should go make coffee.

I was thinking how can I pad my post count without actually having to form an opinion about any subject…and then this thread came along.
(note: this is of course a joke I would never just pad my post count…or would I?)

Padding post counts… you can do that?


considering how I just saw a thread locked b/c the op told people to pad their post counts in it I’d say it’s frowned upon. That’s why I made it semi-clear I was joking.

Thinking about how I’ve got to add an hour (approximately) onto the time shown here on the board, 'cause it never reflects NZ daylight saving time in the preferences. It’s like, for half the year, we’re off the scale.

Then again – WE’RE OFF THE SCALE IN KIWILAND! COOL! :smiley:

Small compensations. :slight_smile:

I was thinking: “Oh boy, oh boy, somebody did something really stupid!”

Turns out it was me.

Nothing - I haven’t had my morning coffee yet :frowning:

I was thinking, "Ow, my back hurts. Ow, my back hurts…"ad infinitim.

I slept wrong last night or something. Ouch.

“How do Scandinavian pop groups write such good English?”