Random thoughts

I’ve always wanted to start a thread here that would just take off, have a life of its own.

Here goes…
Post your random thoughts here!

To get you started:

I just realized I miss pastrami burgers (I heard a radio ad for one today).

Damn. I could have done with this thread a few hours ago. I had at least 5 random thoughts.

Now I got nothing.

I have one.

Yesterday’s food intake consisted entirely of pop and snack food. Which is pretty rare for me.

5 Peperami, Discos (a whole 6-pack bag) Walkers plain crisps (A whole 6-pack bag), most of a bag of bassets fruit favourites, a litre of tango, 350ml of pepsi, 350ml of sprite…

That was a fat geek diet if ever there was one!

Random thoughts! Yay! :slight_smile: My kind of thread…

“I don’t want to step in your particulate matter.”

Don’t ask…


Lobsang, you should hear about the “fat camp” my sister and her friends had on a weekend back in July. (at least, I think it was July)

They consumed nothing but pop, chips, and unhealthy food… in massive quantities, too.


Did I leave the iron on?


My feet have the weirdest tanlines.

Are we there yet?

Up is Down and Down is Up. …If you’re standing on your head.

I think I’m going to be singing the Great Big Sea lyric, “When I’m up I can’t get down/get my feet back on the ground,” for the rest of my life. Not that I object.

Oh yeah? Well, when I get knocked down, I get up again. Never gonna keep me down.

It’s fun just to wonder. Not ask questions, not look for answers, not seek the truth in any form. Just wonder. Great feeling.

“If you did look like a cow you’d be a pretty one.”

My boss didn’t get me a birthday gift… Do I have to get him a Christmas gift?

What were to happen if I were to stick my face in the fan?

We’ve had 16.87 more inches of rain than normal this year. cite

Is it possible to fall forever? Unless there’s something around with some gravity to attract you, would you even fall at all? And if there’s something with enough gravity to attract you, wouldn’t you eventually hit it? I’m not sure falling forever would be all that much fun, but it might be if it really worked and you had something to eat and read while you were falling. I guess a DVD player would be out of the question, but you’d need some really long movies to watch.

If your going to fawn, do it here

Random thought. deer can’t type. :smack:

I eat far too much macaroni and cheese.

Kraft is the best, although more expensive.