some random thoughts

ok, I am bored and want to kill time. I just want to write down some stuff thats been bothering me. My seventh-grade teacher told me that whenever things bother you, simply write them down and read it to yourself. You will be amazed how many times I have been able to see things objectively because of this practice.

Some background: I am a south-asian bachelor working in software. Works been tough, but Im senior enough (I think) to avoiding being fired.

  • I live with a landlord, who simply creeps me out. The house is symmetrical with no way from one side to the other from the inside; you have to come out into the open and knock on the other door.The landlord’s mother on the left side. If the son were 50 and married, or 25 and single I can understand the arrangement. But he’s 50 and alone (he’s certainly separated; if not divorced); what privacy does he need? He occasianally bugs me with lousy conversation. He lights up perfumed candles and wants to discuss it with me. At 12:30am everyday, he blasts the radio with rock stations and insists he likes what he hears. (The music doesnt bug me; my room is very sound proof). He’s a big civil war afficianado. he has toy soldiers all over the house. The creepiest thing when I come home late after work, the soldiers have moved!! The war is progressing every night!! I dont know about these toy war sets; you are probably supposed to move them around regularly; but the first time I noticed this, I swear I could hear high-pitched violins as in the Hitchcock movies.

  • The white woman menace. I saw the movie Undercover Brother last night and if you have seen the movie, you know what I am talking about. Some where deep down in my psyche, is etched that unless I have sex with a white, blonde girl, my life is incomplete. (And, no, I havent) This feeling becomes strong especially when I am depressed. I know its an unhealthy thought, and I want to know what other guys do to get over it.

  • My camry is simply exhaling gas!!! I dont know whats gone wrong. I hope its just psychological. I checked the tires and they have the right pressure. I used to get gas once a week. But nowadays, I need to fill up the tank twice a week.

  • Man, Massive Attack is really cool!!! How did I miss them? Gnutella rocks!!
    well, then, over and out. for the moment.

Massive Attack is very cool.

If you haven’t heard it already, I suggest you check out the track Cellar Heat* - it’s my favorite.

Well, son of a bitch. That’ll learn me to preview my posts first.