NOTAM: Airman Services Civil Aviation Registry


The Federal Aviation Administration has instituted the Airman Services Civil Aviation Registry.

Registering online will enable you to comply with FAR 61.60 Change of Address requirement officially and online.

In the future, the near following features will be added:
[ul][li]Safety Seminar Information and online registration[/li][li]Notification of availability of Safety Related Materials[/li][li]Safety of Flight information e-mailed directly to you[/ul][/li]

Sounds cool.

Is there a downside?

Erata: “Airman Services Civil Aviation Registry” should be “Airmen”. Not being sexist; that’s just what it’s called.

ANd yes, I know there are two "r"s in “errata”, and that since I was correcting a single error, it shoule be “erratum”.

Broomstick: Not that I can tell. When I notified the FAA of my change of address, I never received anything to say that they received it. Since I’ll be changing my address again in a short while, I pulled up my information to find that it was indeed correct. So registering means that you can not only notify the FAA of Change of Address in compliance with FAR 61.60, but you can also verify that the information is correct. Sounds like an improvement. It would be nice to have the Safety information online as well.

Cool!!! Now all I need to do is learn to fly!

Jeez, I just re-read my OP.

“Near” was supposed to go with “future”. (I went back and added it – in the wrong place!) I’m really going to have to be careful on the eye exam when I renew my medical! :o

Uh, Johnny… near any of those forest fires? Maybe your posting will improve when you get some fresh oxygen…

Ah, yes. Loss of mental accuity is a classic symptom of hypoxia.

I be stupid… I have a mail addy and a physical addy and I had to do over 37½ times to get it right. ::: sheesh ::::

Hey, yesterday I got a snail-mail postcard advertising the registry!

Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t e-mail me - I did give them my e-mail address when I filled out the papers for my last checkride. Another case of the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing, I suppose…

I got the snail-mail postcard on the 29th. I thought, “Why not? There are enough pilots on SDMB, I may as well share.” :slight_smile:

I used the new system to update my address last week - it works like a champ!!