Note about my MPSIMS thread.

I’m putting this here because I have no objection to it being closed.

But I just thought I’d point out, since it was closed, that it was a parody. I wasn’t actually drunk enough to type that way. I wasn’t very drunk at all.

I guessed it was a sort of parody and I claim my prize. :slight_smile: It was a bit “mummerzet”, though, so I am now wondering what a typical Isle of Man accent would be like.

Oh well, if I want useless information, I suppose I am in the right place.

Would you perhaps be refering to this IMHO thread? :smiley:

It was, in fact, perfectly punctuated eye dialect, I wasn’t fooled for a minute.

But, what was it a parody of? :confused: Just wondering.

It’s a parody of a drunk being philosophical in a thick cockney accent.

Not sure why.

Ah. Philosophy mixed with the gift of Bacchus. No wonder I didn’t get it. :slight_smile:

Anybody else think TVeblen locked the thread so nobody could ask what the heck “congentially” means?