Note Book Question

My daughter is in the market for a new note book (laptop). For some reason she prefers a hard monitor screen (as similar to glass). One manufacturer has advised that hard screens are not available with laptops. Is this correct- or just a sales pitch for their product?

It is not completely clear what your daughter wants when she says “hard monitor screen,” or what she doesn’t like about screens that do not fit that description.

Laptops have LCD screens, which generally have a silky feel to the screen. I have a Gateway laptop that has a plastic screen over the LCD screen, which I hate because it is a glare monster. However, that is the rare exception. It is the only laptop I have seen like that, and all other things being equal I wouldn’t recommend it.

I never try and understand what 20 year olds want- thanks for the reply. I believe she wants a screen similar to CRT television. Why- I’d sooner try and solve the mystery of the Shroud of Turin.

Many laptops now have “glossy” screens and not those old matte ones. I think this is what she means. Glossy ones are really shiny and crisp but give off alot of glare at the wrong angles. Matte screens are the dull ones that everyone is used to.