Help with laptop glare!

I just bought a Gateway laptop (7322GZ) and it’s just what I wanted EXCEPT the screen is diffrent than any LCD screen I have seen. It has a glass (actually it may be plastic) screen, instead of the usual soft non-glare screen you see on LCDs. This causes so much glare it’s almost like looking into a mirror if you’re in a bright room.

Any way to mitigate the glare, other than changing the room lighting?

Did you check to see if it was shipped with a protective plastic film covering the screen? Most new electronics I’ve gotten (watches, iPod, DVD player…) have a removeable film to keep it from getting scratched until YOU are ready to take it off and scratch it yourself.

Check around the edges of the screen for the edges of a film.

You could adjust the angle of the display, but I think that’s about it. Anything you apply to the screen to reduce glare will also reduce clarity of the screen. In fact, I believe that’s why some displays are glossy (like yours).