Note to cab drivers: pay attention!

This goes for all the other stupid ass drivers on the road too but espcially cab drivers.
I don’t give a shit how important that call is or what you are typing into that fare computer thing in your car or whatever the hell you are doing while driving. When you are driving in rush hour traffic that is stop and go, you sure as hell better pay attention to the road or you’ll be fucked. Brake lights generally mean people are slowing down.

Yeah, I got rear ended by a cab driver Friday morning. I was coming to a stop- well slowing down, due to traffic, and yes my brake lights were working as I had just checked them the day before, when the damn cab slammed into me. And I mean slammed. Cop says he was going 40mph. I wasn’t. He did not brake. No skid marks, no screeches, nothing. The cop on the other side of the highway didn’t hear anything either. The asshat wasn’t paying attention. Oh and he had a passenger-whom he handed off to another passing cab asap so I didn’t get any of his info. I watched the fucker hit me through my rearview mirror.

Now my car is totalled and I’m hurt. Life sucks right now. I spend my days on the couch because I can’t sit up for that long because of neck pain. I can’t go to work. Oh and Monday was my birthday. All the plans for that went out the window. We were supposed to go see Dave Matthews on Sat but of course we couldn’t go as I had no car and couldn’t move. I was looking forward to doing a lot of things this past weekend. But that got all shot to hell. Yeah, I’m pissed. And frustrated because I can’t do anything.

So thanks for not paying attention fucker. You’ll be sorry when we’re done with you. (We have a good lawyer.) I work for a law firm so you hit the wronge person. I hope you lose your cab license and your insurance. (He’s an independent cab driver so he owned his own cab. Which is also totalled.) We have a court date for your citation and I will be there. You will pay.

I should not be having to go through this because you weren’t paying attention. It’s your fault, not mine. I shouldn’t have to pay for all of this shit. I have no car now thanks to you, and of course the insurance co. will be giving us jack shit for the car. I’m also terrified of driving again because I don’t want to go through this shit again. Even being in a car with someone else driving freaks me out a bit with every not-so-near close call. It’s not fair.

I hope you never drive again asshole.

This rant would be better but I think my drugs are interfering. mmmmm Percoset