Note to self: Don't eat two week old cheesecake again.

It was a Costco cheesecake, left over from my nephew’s birthday party. It was in the fridge, beckoning to me. I figured “hmmm…top shelf, which is pretty chilly. It should still be good.” It was a mistake. Ohh…my aching stomache. Awakened with diarrhea at 4:00 AM. And here I am at work, wondering how long I’ll last.

Mundane, Pointless, TMI.


Food poisoning from a cheesecake? How evil.

That never would have happened to me because there’s no one a cheesecake would last 2 weeks.

Anyway, my sympathies.

Mmmmm… Cottage Cheesecake.

And you thought it would go straight to your hips.

Demonstrating that nothing is new under the sun:

So, don’t eat whales, either.

I think your first mistake was getting a cheesecake from Costco. Next time try the creme brulee from WalMart. Or perhaps the peanut butter pie from the Dollar Store.

That’s why I never do.

As a bonus, you never have to struggle with keeping the refrigerator door shut.

Thank you for confirming for me that the correct thing to do with the unopened package of guacamole which had gone past it’s best used by date (but was really cold) was to deposit it still unopened in the trash.

The guacamole was part of a two-pack. I wasn’t that impressed with the first one, then I traveled for a week, then I bought groceries and hid the guacamole, then I was cleaning stuff out and found it again. And debated whether I could still use it safely.

Now, maybe I tossed something which would have been as tasty as it was the first time (not very) but maybe I was saved from debilitating diahrea.

Still, I’m sorry that your mistake in judgement has led to misery. And I hope you feel better soon.

Top shelf? Chilly? Don’t you know it’s warm air that rises?

You were obviously rationalizing, but 2 weeks after buy date is NOT the time to rationalize. You should have been jonesin’ for that cake much much earlier.

You clearly have a death wish.

Beware of Doug - Warm air rises, but the cold air from the freezer on top blows down into the refrigerator to cool it. Doesn’t it?

No whales. Check.

No guacamole (I’d rather eat whale). Check.

tdn - CostCo cheesecake rocks! When it’s fresh.


I hope you washed your sheets.

Autolycus - I was awakened by the urge - the bathroom was only on the other side of the house. It’s a good thing I have excellent sphincter muscles.


Now there’s something you don’t hear every day :stuck_out_tongue:

…I was going to heat up those leftovers from a couple of days ago, but now I think I’ll pass…

We found that the shelf-life of my homemade spaghetti sauce is 6 days. On the 7th, the Lord may rest but our tummies sure didn’t!

One way or another, yeah.

Well, yeah - it’d gone all green and slimy so that was the correct choice.

As you can tell, I’m not a lover of guacamole. Nor of whale nor 2-week-old cheesecake. Goodies do not last that long when I’m in the ZIP code! :wink:

Never having been to a Costco, I guess I wouldn’t know. And I’ve only been in a WalMart once, a Target once, and a Home Despot twice. I just don’t do big box stores. Hell, I avoid The Cheesecake Factory. Maybe Costco is a wonderful place with wonderful foods, but it’s too incongruent for me to get baked goods at a place that has an electronics department and a lawn and garden department. It would never occur to me to go to Sears for triple layer fudge cake.

Having said that, I once bought jelly, cheese, and crackers at a place that sold rakes, bolts, and beach chairs. That was about as general as a store can get.

The OP stopped making sense right in the title. What is this two week old cheesecake of which you speak? I’m afraid I don’t understand that concept.

great, now I want cheesecake…damnit! The diet was going so well.

I’m really amazed that there are houses where cheesecake can sit uneaten for 2 weeks. ::boggle:: Even mediocre cheesecake. My god, it’s cheesecake. It’s concentrated temptation. Let’s not even discuss the potential of strawberries or whipped cream.

Sorry you’re feeling sick, but let this be a lesson to you. Next time, eat it all before it goes bad!