Notebook goes blank

I just had the HDD replaced on my HP laptop. Now, if you haven’t used it for about 15 minutes or so the screen goes blank, and I can’t get it to come back up without turning the machine on and off. It seems like this should be a setting somewhere, although why it should become completely unresponsive is beyond me. Does anyone know what is probably wrong and how to fix it?

Ok, assuming this is a Windows XP powered PC laptop(you didn’t specify, and these most common), you need to check your power settings. It’s probably going into Stand By mode after 15 minutes. Go to Start->Settings->Control Panel (switch to Classic View if necessary) and double click on “Power Options”.

Look at your profile and see if Standby says “After 15 minutes”, adjust accordingly.

Hope this helps,


Yep, you guessed right per OS and were on the money with what was going on. Thanks for the help. I knew it was something simple.