Noted American child molester pitching lights out for Mexican team!

Tecolotes Dos Laredos, why? Are the few extra wins worth it?

Noted American convicted child molester Luke Heimlich, rightfully shunned by US baseball, has found a home in Mexico now!

Seems he’s pitching really well, so well I guess his team doesn’t care he molested a family relative at least twice under age six, when he was sixteen!

His first statement on it was “I have taken responsibility for my conduct when I was a teenager”, which later morphed into saying that he pleaded guilty to “quickly dispense with the case and for the sake of family relations!”

Not sure how a (false) molestation plea aids family relations, or how dumb you have to be to think agreeing to this most heinous of all charges (if innocent) aids you or anyone else in any way, but obviously this garbage knows best!

And the kicker! All this was sealed and would have NEVER saw the light of the day, if mister genius child molester had not failed to update his sex offender registration status! OOPSIE Luke!

Should he booted off the team, or allowed to play, I ask?

Go Tecolotes Dos Laredos??

He was 15 when arrested; a child himself, in the eyes of the law. He pled guilty, and has complied with all court orders.
Do you believe no one who has ever committed a crime can ever again work at a job to earn their way in this world?


Not questioning whether he should have personally agreed to play, but whether the team should allow him to play.

Gary Glitter is one the most famous of all 70s UK rock stars, and also one of history’s most infamous child molesters- Royal Albert Hall isnt offering him a two month residency.

A year ago one Royals exec floated the idea of maybe, possibly, thinking about signing him, even go so far to LYING that everyone involved in the family currently supports him- a flat out lie, and the mere thought of him signing was met with immediate revulsion by most fans, so the idea was dropped- hence, his current stint in Mexico.

He’d be an idiot to turn down a contract- the question is why any decent human would offer him one? Let him toil in shit jobs like most others of his kind.

Every 15 year old I know is trying to get same-age-or-older sex at that age, not doing a Josh Duggar.

I eagerly await our large contingent of Mexican baseball fan Dopers to weigh in on this.

The Wikipedia article doesn’t say how old the victim was. I’ll note that the age of consent in Mexico is 12 and ask if if attitudes toward young sex in Mexico might be more relaxed.

She was SIX! Believe me, no normal people in Mexico approve of that. I’m actually astonished that the team signed him. They’re crazy. It’s guaranteed negative publicity.

12?!?! That’s messed up. That’s like, medieval times.

The Wikipedia article mentions her age three times in one sentence:

This is one of the most offensive sentences I’ve read here, and that’s saying alot on this board.

Any decent human being would offer him a job because they are just that - decent. They realize that he has paid his debt to society as mandated by the court. And continues to pay that debt by having to register as a sex offender. It’s not the job of decent humans to heap their own punishment on top of the courts’.
Add to that the fact that he was 15, a child himself, and the court recognizes that a person’s entire life need not be ruined by the mistakes, no matter how heinous, made in childhood, and as such those decisions are supposed to be sealed.

But the real offensive part is the insult that you heap on the decent people who toil everyday in these jobs you call “shit”. Are they to be damned as well by association? And just what defines a “shit job”? and how is it that a job as a baseball player ranks as a non “shit” job. What job do you do? is it a “shit” job? And just how is it that you qualify for such a glamorous position? Is it all criminals who should be relegated to “shit” work or just the ones who’ve committed certain crimes? And who gets to decided who can and can’t work at what jobs?

I have more to say. . .but this is not the pit, so I’ll stop now.


I take it then you weren’t around when Cesario was here? :dubious:

15 is definitely old enough to know better than to molest a 6-year-old. By that age, if someone is trying to have sexual contact with a child that young, there’s obviously something wrong with that individual.

My bad- My reference to a shit job was no in way intended to insult any of the millions of decent hardworking people who have shit jobs- I have one myself! Shit job as in non-glamorous. you forfeit your right to live the good life of a baseball player when you abuse children. Perfect job for him, if hes so fucking innocent or repentant or whichever it is officially now, as molester has used both excuses- counselor for abusers or abuse victims. If truly sorry, make it well known- have the fucking decency to make a sizable donation to abuse charities, and if any human decency at all, a scholarship fund for your victim.

you have my blessing to ask for the thread to move to wherever youd like it, im dying hear your views on the topic with the reins off.

it’s not my views on the topic that I held my tongue about.


I’m not sure how I feel about this topic. On one hand the guy shouldn’t spend the rest of his life suffering for something he did at 15 if that’s the case he would be better off if we just gave him the death penalty. On the other hand I wouldn’t be able to cheer for a known child molester and that would decrease my interest in my team if he were on it.

The Dodgers had one of their up and coming stars get accused of beating up his girlfriend earlier this year. I actively rooted against him until the charges were dismissed now I’d just like to see use trade him to someone else.

In the end I’d have no problem with this molester playing for the yankees but I wouldn’t want him on the dodgers, or honestly even playing for the giants where I’d have to hear about it a bunch. But in the end I have more heart burn with Ray Rice or that running back from the vikings who whipped his kid, making big bucks then this guy. At least the molester has done his time and it happened a long time ago. Its kind of like michael vick except molestation is worse then dog fighting but vick was an adult and already famous during his criminal acts.

I wouldn’t hire him if I owned a team.

For comparison, i will find the link in case I am off on anything about this, but there was a high profile Texas football player who was pretty much blackballed from the sport when it was found out he had a consenting sex with his biological sister when both were 16-18, and he at some point was playing in Canada. No US team would touch him.

More thoughts, assuming there are no restrictions on his contact with underage children- how do the teammates feel on days when children are allowed in clubhouse? does he get those days off? What about autograph sessions before games with kids that 99% of players do?

I don’t get why he should be denied the chance to play professional baseball if someone is willing to pay him to do so. If it’s that important that the punishment last a lifetime, he should have gotten a life sentence, or the death penalty. If you want to boycott the team that hired him and any company that advertises during his games, knock yourself out.

Here’s an idea: if a child molester can hold down a “glamorous” job, or perhaps more importantly, a highly lucrative job, let him do so but give the majority of his ginormous salary to his victim(s). Let him make oodles of money but only keep enough to allow a bare-bones personal existence regarding food, shelter, etc. That way, society can make full use of his positive talents and his victim(s) gain some compensation.

Question: had this guy done anything illegal since the molestation crime when he was 15? If not, seems he has learned some self-control in which case being “repentant” would not seem to be an excuse but an actual state. I wouldn’t hire him as a baby-sitter, of course, but if he’s paid the penalty given to him by the court system and has not re-offended then I see no reason to heap additional penalties on his head forever.

And yeah, you did come off as pretty damn insulting regarding folks who have “shit jobs”. “Shit jobs” are required to make civilization work, someone has to do them, and it would be a better world if those doing the “shit jobs” were accorded a little more respect.

I feel like it would be so weird to receive money or scholarships from your abuser. Wouldn’t it constantly bring up horrible memories and make it impossible to move forward? “Well, thank goodness Uncle Chester paid the tuition this semester.”

Depends on the situation, I’d think.

I personally know someone who was abused and who’s abuser paid for years of therapy. In that case, the person abused had no problem with it.

In other situations yes, it could be a problem.

Really, maybe we should leave it up to the people who have been wronged whether or not they’d receive such compensation rather than trying to guess how they’d feel or try to come up with a one-size-fits-all rule?

In instances where giving the molester’s “excess” salary directly to the person abused perhaps sending it to a charity would be appropriate.

I don’t see where having molesters live in camps under freeway overpasses and/or starve to death serve the greater good, or human decency.

Maybe a solution would be to play Gary Glitter’s “Rock N’ Roll Part II” every time Luke Heimlich goes out to take the mound.