Noted American child molester pitching lights out for Mexican team!

When the Pittsburgh Steelers signed that dog killer dude I joined the boycott of the team. I’d react similarly to a team hiring a child molester. Really, there are plenty of talented athletes looking for work, hire one who isn’t scum.

This is a big reason why there is so much recidivism. Even criminals who have paid their debt to society and want to live a reformed and useful life cannot do so because they are damned for all time.

I was watching a documentary about this subject and the American penal system in general, and they showed how Sweden’s approach to crime and prison is so very different because there is a huge emphasis on reforming the inmates and preparing them to be useful members of society when they are released. Their rate of recidivism is very low, which is obviously beneficial in many respects.

that’s actually an interesting point- I don’t go to many games now, but when I did, this song was played at almost every one- do they still do this? because obviously if they do, he gets richer every time its played.

For anyone not knowing, its the duh duh duh duh HEY! song (instrumental).

Agree about the salary, that would be a win/win I guess.

And please don’t get the message lost, I clarified earlier my definition of “shit job” was any thing non-glamorous, nine to five type, which 90% of the world has, including me.

Allowing him to live a free life working 9 to 5, perhaps helping victims, is not a death sentence. It would show, certain crimes are beyond the pale, and once you commit them, you will be viewed different forever.

Please note the case of Roman Polanski- non citizen barred from the country. And I have personally seen interviews with his victim, who was 13, and she does not want him arrested or anything, she has moved on- just for comparison of how similar cases are treated.

Gary Glitter is “barred” from concerts, why should this guy pitch?

Yeah: what’s the point of having more than one possible sentence, if the penalty for any admission of guilt or for any conviction is “life without parole”?

Now, that he is currently an idiot? That is a different issue.

AFAIK, he isn’t barred. He is “not wanting to set foot in the US because if he does he will be captured”. Completely different situation.

Roman Polanski is not barred from the country. In fact, there’s some who really wish he’d drop by for a visit.

He is currently afforded the exact same freedoms as every other similar American citizen. No one is suggesting anything else punitive. A baseball player being denied the right to play baseball is not being denied a basic right, he would be denied a luxury, and because of his personal actions.

There are tons of jobs felons cannot hold, and they manage to live regular productive free lives.

thank you, yes, not barred, but will be jailed the second he steps off the plane.:slight_smile:

It’s hard to swallow, for sure. Like a fist in the gut.

It’s been banned by the NFL. Other teams have stopped playing the song on a team-by-team basis.

That’s not the situation here, though. Playing Triple A in Mexico probably pays jackshit.

As others have mentioned Polanski is the opposite of “barred” - California very much wants him to come back. Of course, the moment he sets food in the US, or in any place the US can extradite him from, he will be arrested and sent back to California not only to face sentencing for drugging and raping a child but to have additional charges added for fleeing the country. And no bail this time, given he’s definitely a flight risk.

Or else she’s sick and tired of being Roman Polanski’s Rape Victim. I’m sure that got old fast.

So what? If that’s true it sounds like a “shit job” to me. As I said, having molesters starve to death because they aren’t allowed to hold a job doesn’t strike me as humane, moral, or beneficial for society. Would you rather have him on the dole or earning a wage?

Yes, I suspect some people in this thread are overestimating the “glamour” of minor-league baseball.

Your continual adherence to this inaccurate observation is baffling- you are suggesting molester has no other choice for work than baseball. thousands of molesters like him hold jobs. Thousands of athletes simply not good enough to play professional get other jobs. There is a very good even were he not a molester he would never make the majors anyway, then what would he do?

Shit, comparing the two I would have more sympathy for Polanski, I admit his sense of right or wrong could have been affected by being the victim of two of the most heinous crimes of the 20th century at least.

What do you mean “so what?”. I am pointing out that we are not talking about a guy with a lucrative or particularly glamorous job. Your proposed punishment is the “so what has that got to do with this guy?”

Actually an excellent point I didn’t take into account in the OP. It could be a lifetime of AAA Mexico ball is in effect an excellent punishment- pay less than US minimum wage, shitty lodgings, 18 hour bus rides from Monterrey to Oaxaca (sic). Does the Mexican league have groupies?

My concern is him doing well, and in a few years a US team thinks the statue of limitations is up and tries to sign him, but again, at first anyway, it would be the unglamorous US minor leagues .

You’re contradicting yourself rather aggressively, here. I’m sure he’d see being blocked from playing pro ball as further punishment.

Yet, big time studios still fund his films. Big time actors and actresses still work for him. And audiences still go to see his movies.

How fucked up is all that?

I see it as an expected result of his actions. If I willfully commit a felonious act, I know I will never be able to find work with the FBI.

Okay, one can make the argument that it is reasonable to bar felons from jobs in law enforcement (Frank Abagnale notwithstanding). Now do that for professional baseball.