"Nothing but bush"? I think you're talking about what's between your ears, Tony Abbott.

Disclosure: i am, for the most part, strongly opposed to the politics of the ruling conservative coalition government in Australia.

That said, Prime Minister Tony Abbott is a fucking doofus, even by Liberal/National Party standards. How Australians voted for this asshole (or, returning to my Aussie roots, arsehole) is completely beyond me. My mother has voted for the coalition in the past, but she hates Abbott with a passion, and it seems that there are plenty of Aussies who voted for him who are already regretting it. His approval ratings have hovered around 40% for much of the past year, dipping frequently into the 30s.

Anyway, it’s not his general politics that i’m concerned with here. It’s his constant idiocy about the place of Australia’s original inhabitants in the nation’s history. He keeps suggesting that there was no-one here when the British arrived to start a penal colony in the late eighteenth century.

Back in July, he referred to Australia as “unsettled” when the British arrived, before correcting himself and saying “scarcely settled.”

Then, just today, at a breakfast with British PM David Cameron, he said:

While this new place undoubtedly seemed strange and frightening to those who stepped ashore in 1788, at least they were aware enough of their surroundings to realize that it was NOT “nothing but bush.” I studied Australian history as part of my history major at university, and one course included reading diaries and letters produced by members of the First Fleet. Some of these writers were talking about the native inhabitants before they even landed in Sydney Harbor, and they wrote quite a lot about the Aboriginal people they encountered.

Abbott’s comments are not simply off-the-cuff remarks that can be excused for a lack of precision; they were speeches (admittedly short, in the latter case), and had presumably been prepared by Abbott or his aides. I don’t expect that the Australian Prime Minister cover himself in sackcloth and ashes every time he talks about British colonization, but some recognition of the first Australians by the nation’s elected leader does not seem too much to ask. Or, at the very least, try to avoid suggesting that they were never here. This is especially the case given the protracted debates over historical memory in Australia, and the fact that the doctrine of terra nullius (empty land) was used for so long to justify the dispossession of Aboriginal peoples.

Unfortunately, Abbott’s simply continuing a long line of conservatives in Australia who insist that we just need to get over the past mistreatment of indigenous people, and stop wallowing in the so-called “black armband” theory of history.

I agree Abbott is a dumb. There was obviously more than just bush when the criminals landed. There were rocks, hippity-hops and laughing birds all over the place.

Because people with non-pink skin don’t count?

What planet do you live on that people have pink skin?

I am not the first person to describe the complexion of northern Europeans as “pink.”

No, but unless you live in a place where there aren’t any, it’s pretty silly to continue something that becomes obviously wrong the moment you see one.

Oh. balls.

Fine. Pretend I wrote “white” rather than “pink.” That isn’t accurate either, but the average ethnic northern European’s skin tone seems closer to pink than white to my black man’s eyes.

My point, and I do have one, is that mhendo is correct to slam Abbott for his ridiculous (if only implied) contention that Australia was uninhabited before white folks got there.

You mean like the way a warehouse is inhabited by boxes?

Yeah, but you’re a smurf. What the fuck do you know about human skin tones?

Here I was expecting something about the “map of Tasmania”…

I thought this was going to be about vintage porn…

My thought was “is the thread title a roundabout way of calling him a cunthead”?

I fully support this pitting.

Those kind of remarks go beyond just plain stupid.
They really do suggest an attitude of disregard for the lingering issues regarding disadvantages of native Australians.
His words also have the pungent odor of jingoism about them, which is what politicians generally tend to appeal to when they’re not doing anything good.

One wishes Mr. Abbot would think a little before dribbling gravy sauce from his pie hole.

As someone of (mostly) northern European ancestry, I agree. I am closer to pink than white.

And Abbot is a douche. As obnoxious as Americans can sometimes be about our own original peoples, at least our foundation stories acknowledge their existence (as noble helpers or savage enemies). We don’t erase them entirely.

I thought it was going to be an elaborate sexual brag.

“Off the dresser, off the bed-side table, twice around the bed… nothing but bush!”

How the fuck did this knuckle head get elected? From his threat to “shirt front” Putin, to his ignorant statements denying the existence of the aboriginal cultures in Australia before white settlement, to his “coal is the future” idiocy: Everytime this over-privileged retard opens his mouth he causes the international opinion of Australia to go further into the shit.

Please people of the world don’t judge us by the gibbering of this cretin.

His latest attempt to destroy any respect for our country is to blather on to the G20 leaders about taxation on doctors in Australia (WTF???) and impotently attempting to block any discussion of climate change at the G20. Obama very properly put him in his place and showed him what real power is like.

Australia once had a reputation as a fair country where anyone could give it a go if they worked hard. Our country was built on immigration. We are all boat people. Now the UN wants to take Australia to court for human rights abuses because of our immoral policy of locking up refugees indefinitely on pacific islands.

I know there are plenty of Australians on here, feel free to pile in and vent. I leave you with 20 of Abbots worst quotes to keep things rolling.


Now I really want to start a riot grrrl band just so I can call it Nothing But Bush.

Already Pitted

And it takes a LOT to be an embarrassment to Australia!!

I keed, I keed.

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In further contribution, here is the “Tony Abbot -Worst PM in Australian history” Facebook group.