Nothing like a glass of wine, some pork rinds and a tub o' dip...

…to take your mind of everything but sex. :smiley:

of off sex, depending how you look at it. lol:eek:

Ugh. I highly doubt that anything could take my mind off sex faster than the sight, thought or smell (especially the smell) of pork rinds.

:barfing smiley:

Well, when you’re lo carbing, you don’t have a choice…

I love pork rinds, but I have to have the kind with that hot-powder or whatever-the-hell-it-is on them. The plain ones smell and taste a little, er, natural.

What kind of dip are you using anyway?

Pork rinds and wine, that sounds like classic geek dinner and drinks to me.

I have a question about pork rinds, it is so odd that the subject came up! I have been a vegetarian for a long, long time…and I usually grab a snack out of the vending machine mid-afternoon. I prefer one of those “spicy” type chips. As my favorite selection was out, I chose “spicy pork rinds.” As I was eating them (they weren’t all that) I scanned the ingredients…and the first one listed was PORK RINDS. Please, God, someone tell me I didn’t eat an animal by-product…especially one that sucked that hard.

Um, maybe I’m being whooshed but did the word “pork” kinda slip by you? Pork rinds are the skin of pigs deep fried.

Well, it was the first time I tried those, as it was the first time they appeared in the vending machine…and I had a sinking feeling as I was eating them that something was very wrong. Not good.
So, I could have just as easily violated my personal moral code, that I’ve adhered to for so long – by eating a freaking Big Mac. Which I would have enjoyed, as opposed to the nasty pork rinds…


Not only are they pork skins, they’re also deep fried in lard! You got the best (or worst) of both worlds there, Blonde. I regret to say that this is the first time I’ve actually seen you live up the the perjorative connotation of your user name.


Combine dip, pork rinds, and sex.
Wash hands before returning to the keyboard, tho…

In all honesty, one of my favorite snacks is spicy pork rinds with sharp cheddar cheez whiz squeezed on.

[sub]I’m so white trash.[/sub]

I hope you’re chasing that with store brand diet soda.

I was dipping them in a low carb french onion dip.

I usuallydon’t need to eat something when I’m drinking wine but I felt like it and it was lo carb lol.

I didn’t get sex tho :frowning:

what a rip off

Pork Rinds are my dirty little culinary secret. God how I love them. I eat a bag a week.

Blonde, your posts were jokes, right?

I’d never heard of pork rinds before coming to the US. However, the Cuban version of pork rinds kicks your american pork rind’s butt, IMO of course. It’s called “chicharrones”, and unlike pork rinds which are just a thin layer of deep fried pork skin, chicharrones are one or two inch square pieces of pork belly, with skin attached, deep fried in lard, much more substantial and much more flavor too. Think pork rinds with a bit of bacon.

And as a side benefit, there’s no way Blonde would’ve failed to notice they’re an animal product.

Right! :wink:

Cuban-schmuban! You can get a big plate of pork scratchings in the Anglesea Arms in Onslow Gardens as a bar snack for the extortionate sum of £2.95.

But I agree that they’re lovely.

I was sitting here thinking that this was a misplaced entry for the “Three Purchases” thread.

Eilsel, want something better? Wanna know a little secret? C’mere…
…Guiness Stout is only 5 carbs per glass. Yep. Instead of wine, you can munch your chips-n-dip with a stout beer and live it up!