Notice Regarding Played-Out Looks.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT, pursuant to common notions of current aesthetics and hipness maintained by all civilized societies, certain looks have been determined to be played-out (the “Played-Out Looks”). The Played-Out Looks include, but are not limited to, the following: (i) the “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy” t-shirt, tank, or top of any kind; and (ii) the faux cowboy hat, including but not limited to the pink straw hat, or indeed straw hats of any form that are more appropriate to the garden than the rodeo.

In addition, we have observed self-professed heterosexual men, in an apparent attempt at either irony or a display of testosterone, who have donned their girlfriends’ pink straw faux cowboy hats, then pointed at themselves in grand gestures generally approximating the loose-limbed wave of a primate other than homo sapiens. Please note that, despite the apparent attempt to mimic either irony or manliness, this look is and remains Played Out.

The Played-Out Looks will no longer be tolerated by a civilized society. Guide yourself accordingly.

Oooh oooh can I play too? The young kids wearing the ugly trucker baseball-style caps, proudly emblazoned with “Von Dutch” need to realize that it’s just stupid.

I got one word for ya: mullets.

takes off pink cowboy hat… looks sad…

But orange is still one of this season’s hot colors, right? Because I just bought a blouse at the Republic and I’m *terribly * concerned it’s about to be played-out any minute now.

Enquiring Fashionistas want to know!

And anyone still wearing a ‘Too young for Ashton’ shirt needs to be smacked upside the head with a copy of Vogue.

Just returned home from a night out…

My contribution, girls, if the back fat roll hangs over the top of the tank, just grab the larger size. Save everyone the misery.

Not sure it was ever in, but it is most certainly played out by now if it was.

High heels on the ladies. Spare your feet and wear something comfortable.

Heels have their place. But spiked heels with jeans? Unacceptable and frightening.

Hear, hear! Sadly, some adults are (still) wearing that played shit.

I do get a chuckle out of the parody garments emblazoned Von Bitch. But if the original has had its 15 minutes of fame, this one’s worth about 45 seconds.

My nominee: CUEBALLS. Especially with goatees and little teeny glasses. I am up to here with walking down the street and seeing every fourth guy looking like a second-rate supervillain.

Saw a young lady at a hockey game go strutting out on the ice to help collect teddy bears thrown during out annual “Teddy Bear Toss”. It was awesome to have a front row seat when her spike heels went out from under her and she busted her butt.

All you teenage boys can start pulling up your pants now.

Oh yeah, your grandpa call, he wants his underwear and wifebeater t-shirt back.

I have that t-shirt! :eek: :frowning: :mad:

My cowboy hats are real, and definitely not pink. :stuck_out_tongue:

Low rider hip hugging jeans stretched over a pair of high sitting thongs.

Enough already.

We presume we may expect an opposition from your clients regarding said “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” tops. We are, as always, available to discuss a potential resolution of this issue without burdening the court with unnecessary motion practice, but feel we must make our position plain. We have not made this determination lightly. Indeed, significant discovery has taken place, including but not limited to attendance at a concert last night in which a member of the Muzik Mafia other than Big & Rich took the stage. Merely by way of example, and not limitation, we offer the following: at said concert, we observed no fewer than twelve such tank tops bearing the “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” phrase, generally done in sequins and glitter. While said top is arguably appropriate at a Big & Rich concert (and, perhaps, even a Cowboy Troy event), it is in no way connected to any of the performers last night other than by some tangential and attenuated thread.

Consequently, while we are amenable to reaching a negotiated solution to our determination of such a look as Played-Out, we are firmly of the mind that said look is, generally, so last year. Again, our concern is not primarily with the contents of any individual’s wardrobe. Rather, we must protect the children.

We appreciate your voluntary compliance with the Notice, and will recommend that a note be placed in your Permanent File regarding same.

Respectfully submitted,


And guys wearing pants so loose and oversize that every time they sit down it looks like they’re on the toilet taking a crap.

This was supposed to be fashionable? Where did this come from?
It’s okay, I’m heading back into my cave now… with my comfy sandals.

Some people shave their head’s because the hair doesn’t grow there anymore. And simultaniously wear a goatee because that is the only place left that does grow hair. My glasses aren’t teeny, but I’m not going to go out rocking grandpa’s coke bottles either. And I’m a second-rate superGENIUS, not supervillian. [/offended]

See you are just plain wrong about this. I think that is sexy as all get out. There were these two girls in my last class who had this look down to an art form. Coupled with a tattoo right above the thong in the small of thier back. Mmm, mmm, mmmmm! Madd Maxx like. :smiley:

And the baseball caps on backwards. I’m going to blame every young stud who does this if my husband, the baseball coach, has a brain embolism some day from seeing this.

Oh, and the low-rider jeans, period. Twenty pounds of butt and gut in 10 pounds of jean is not, never was, and never will be cool. So many lovely young ladies looking so bad when they could look so nice if they just bought clothes that fit.

I think that there’s nothing wrong with this look. I love it.