Novels on forensic crime solving for young teen

Are there any novels out there about forensic crime solving for young teens?

My 13 year old daughter loves to watch Discovery Channel type shows on this, but I think novels would be more entertaining than books about real cases.


It’s not quite what you are asking for, but it’s similar. Check out the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter. The first one is called I’d Tell You I Love You but Then I’d Have to Kill You. It’s about a bunch of teen girls geniuses who go to Spy School and use spy methods (often high-tech) to learn about Boys.

It’s not particularily plausible, and a little “young adult” (meaning the adults are well-meaning but incompetent or missing at convient times, that sort of thing) but filled with neat moments like the seventh graders having lunch on French Day spending a lot of time "Bonjour"ing while the upperclasswomen are carrying on normal conversation in French.

It’s not quite forensic crime solving, but she might like it anyway.

I’m going to give you something else that is not a book, but which is great for this is a PS2 game called CSI:3 Dimensions of Murder.

It allows you to play a CSI, and move through crime scenes, collect evidence, and interview suspects. It’s not perfect, but it allows you to get an idea of what you can use to solve a case.