November 2006. World's last chance

It is obvious to the most intellectually obtuse, that continuation down our present path for anything approaching 'four (now three or so) more years" will have catastrophic effects upon the planet and its inhabitants, not least of all us lucky americans ourselves.

That said, a congressional sweep replete with an impeacihment supermajority senate is not desirable, but essential for human life on earth as we know it.

In a call to arms to the rest of the planet, in the name of humanity, help us out.

Send lawyers, guns and money (especially money)–the shit has hit the fan.

Query: Will the world see its peril and respond?
If so, how?
If not, why not?

“our present path”


take your pick

What’s happening in November 2006?

US Congressional elections

we fail yet again to turn the rascals out in a repetition of that shining democratic institution, the american congressional electoral follies, as scripted by Elbridge Gerry.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire comes out in theatres. November 18th, to be exact. :smiley:

Oopsies!! That’s this year, not next year.

Carry on, then.

Congressional elections are essential for human life on earth as we know it?

Being intellectually obtuse as I am, I’m not sure what you are driving at. Got a few examples of what your worst-case scenario entails that we can chew over?

Yeah, I’m with alaric. Let’s make sure the GOP safely has hold of Congress.


Maybe the last chance in your lifetime, but if History has anything to say about it, things WILL change. The big dogs always get replaced by other big dogs.

Gee, that’s funny. Didn’t we have a full democratic congress, with a democratic president, back during the Clinton administration? And after a short, what, 8-12 years, now the entire ecology of the planet is in peril because we’ve made a drastic swing towards a republican government? However did the earth survive all those thousands of years without a Democratic congress?

they never had the Antichrist for President (think about it, you leave behinders…*

I have a question for all you so called liberals and anti-Bush people:

What have you done to get rid of this threat to our country and what are you going to do in '06? What are you going to do now?

In the last presidential election I manned phone banks, walked precincts, and donated money. I gave everything that I could at the time but alas, my hopes were dashed by an ignorant voting population. I still wish I could have given more. I am not a saint. I just see how much damage they are doing to our country with an awful clarity.

So I pose this question to you, those of you who see the imminent danger of continued republican control of all branches of our government: What are you going to give this time? How many of you have been to demonstrations? How many of you thought that this would be uncool. My father and mother, who are both around 60 got out and have made signs and along with 30 other people demonstrated for more coverage of the Downing Street Memo in front of a TV station. The crowds are growing but not fast enough. We need a groundswell by '06. We need everything you got for the future of this nation.

It’s time to start talking. Talking to people who you think our conservative and liberal alike. Ask them if they are truly happy about where the country is at this time. Are they happy that the republicans promised reform but used this as a ruse to get power only to attempt to further strengthen their hold?

It’s time to put whatever comfort you have at this present time on the line to ensure that your children have that same comfort. These people in there now are jeopardizing the position of this country as the world leader and are doing nothing to correct their course. The time is now.

That’s funny I remember Clinton having only about 4 years of a full Democratic Congress. The Supreme Court was pretty much the way it is now, a conservative majority during his presidency. (I have to sigh every time I think back to those glorious days of low crime, low unemployment, climbing stock market, and just and effective foreign policy). You may want to verify the truth of what is stated in your repbulican “fact” book.

The fact of the matter is that republicans have controlled the government for some time now and things have gotten worse. Wriggle out of that one or say whatever you want because the people never stand incompetence for long.

happy to

2009: Federal deficit running 10%gdp, trade deficit twice that.

sea level rise and cyclonic hyperaction killing two the three million per month

Iraqi civil war in its second and bloodiest yeart. We are under siege in our 14 gatrrisons, andin Afhanistn, HamidKarzai has just been dragged out of the Kabul city hall and hanged alongside Kalmay Khalizad.

enraged byBush’s continued refusal to address global warming, tyhe govetrnments of Eutrolpeand Asia direct their cwentral banks to sell dollars togethetr one monday morning. And to sell bonds. And to sell stocks.

On the miltary front, some russians have just made a deal with the chechens, and are looking the other way wjhile the Checens (who, you already know, stop at
NOTHING), make off withl loose nukes.

I could go on, butr the gist of it is, You shouldn’t make eveybody hate, loathe, and fear you, all at the same time…

Alaric, would it kill you to proofread your work, check for spelling and punctuation? Without that, your screeds don’t look like comical hyperbole in the style of elucidator, but more like the Timecube Guy.

Not trying to insult you - seriously, I just have no idea what you’re talking about and can barely read your sentences.

fair enough–that last post was excessively garbled, even by my own (highly forgiving…) standards

Funny, I remember Newt’s revolution coming in 1994, 2 years after Clinton’s election :).

Speaking of the old Newtster, I’ve been very tempted to buy a copy of his Contract with America and mail it to Howard Dean, inscribing on the inside cover,

“DO THIS!!!”

All the protests and street signs in the world aren’t going to make a lick of difference, near as I can tell. You may as well campaign for the election by holding transcendental meditation seminars in your local teahouse. What needs to happen is, Howard Dean needs to get his butt in gear, come up with a specific, visionary plan for the country analogous to Newt Gingrich’s plan (only not evil–leave out that part of the analogy). Come up with something soundbiteable, modular, fascinating, beautiful. Something bold and big and specific, where the short-attention-span need only remember a slogan, the medium-attention-span can read a page of bullet-points, the nerds can read a book detailing policy specifics, and the wonks can read the legislative proposals.

If Dean wants to win back this country, he needs to learn that he won’t do so by reminding people how much he thinks Republicans are teh suckage. Man drives me crazy in that respect. He needs to learn from the Newtster.

As for the OP, I think it’s wayyyy overblown. As it says on each capsule of my grandma’s Metamucil, this too shall pass.


I think somebody forgot to take the happy pills today.

First time I ever heard Metamucil called happy pills.