Now available -- DIY images!

For those who’ve never seen the stuff, produces “demotivational” posters that give the ironic parody treatment to those cheery motivational posters with titles like “ACHIEVEMENT” and images of sprinters crossing the finish line (e.g., “FAILURE: When your best just isn’t good enough”, with a picture of a runner sitting on a bleacher with his head in his hands; or “HUMILIATION: The harder you try, the dumber you look”, with a picture of a skier wiping out).

Well here’s a new web page they have on their site: a Do It Yourself service that lets you upload your own images, apply your own title and caption, and save it as a JPG! (I can only assume a printing option is not far behind.)

Here’s one I created: Matrimony (but don’t tell my wife) :wink:

So awesome! I don’t have good photos to use on this computer, but rest assured I will be making many a poster. Taking pot-shots at work whenever possible. Yay!

That is GREAT!

When I read you did one on Matrimony, my eyes/ears perked up, as all of my siblings have been divorced at least once (and I’ve had to hear all about it).

My brother’s favorite quote during that period of his life:

“Life’s a bitch and then you marry one.”

That would work, too. Thanks for the link.

robardin & ataraxy22 - Those are hilarious!

This one isn’t mine, but it’s one of my favourites:

Oooh, that’s dark. Rather a little too dark :slight_smile: has a few along these lines (but more ironic than dark): Laziness (“Sucess is a journey, not a destination. So stop running”), Do It Later (“The early worm is for the birds”) and Effort (“Hard work never killed anybody, but it is illegal in some places” [with picture of Paris and the Eiffel Tower – or as the French say, Bonjour, Paresse! ;)]

It’s not my fault

OK, here’s mine


And this one.

Those are really cool you guys. I’m at work so I have no pictures handy.

I am not generally a LOLCATZ fan, but I have to say, that cat had me LOLing.

That’s great, here is mine.

Ha, I love these.
Here is one I made a while ago. :smiley:


I’m gonna pitch my hat into the ring with “Illiteracy”


The web page for generating these things freaked me out a bit at first, because the guy in the greyed-out sample picture looks exactly like me (well, a few years ago).


D’oh! Once again, I should make no attempt to spell before I’ve had my morning coffee.