Now It's Official -- I'm a Democrat

I enjoy the benefit of getting hit up for money via email about a dozen times a week – almost as many of these as invitations to gay sex!


There, solved that.

It’s OPEN gay sex. Republicans have lots of gay sex too, they just don’t talk about it.

Why are you guys discriminating? It’s LGBTQIAD.

That’s more than Bernie’s done. :wink:

From the recent issue of the Economist: schizophrenia is linked to too much synaptic pruning around late adolescence, while autism is linked to not enough synaptic pruning in early childhood.

Meh. I already live in Thailand.

Don’t laugh. My father and his entire family were staunch Republicans. I still recall the disappointment in his eyes when I told him I was voting for Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Meh. I already live in Thailand.

No, the LGBT part includes donkeys. You know, the in the ass part.

But no solicitation in airport bathrooms. The Republicans have an exclusive deal on that stuff.

Republican boys date Democrat girls. They plan to marry Republican girls, but feel entitled to a little fun first.

The frogurt is cursed.

How does anyone in that country ever get any work done?!

He has now, I hear.

Work? :confused:

But how will Siam Sam have asexual sex??? :confused:

Make sure affirmative consent is established every 10 seconds.

If your partners isn’t moaning “yes… yes… YES!!!” every 10 seconds, then you’re doing it wrong.

You know, what all those women do for money. But one hears rumors that there are other kinds, some of which do not involve orgasms very much at all, for some incomprehensible reason.

Siam Sam may be exaggerating very slightly. However its also true that most Thai’s are somewhat lacking in the protestant work ethic. I believe Siam Sam is retired now, but yes I actually work here and I get stuff done.

Not quite, but on my way. And I’ll probably get something going in Hawaii, so I don’t think of myself as retired.

But are you sure that those are women who are throwing themselves at you?