Now It's Official -- I'm a Democrat

Believe me after a year or so in Thailand you learn to tell the difference very easily between a ladyboy and a biological female. Mind you I can be friends with anyone and have quite a few ladyboy friends, but I have my own preferences when it comes to a partner.

And I have just voted in my first-ever state primary. Even though I last lived in Hawaii, I’m registered in Texas due to my picking up a new driver’s license there on a visit in the 1990s. Having an address no more in Hawaii, I was unable to renew my license there and so used the family manse in Texas as my permanent address.

So I have voted in the Texas primary after being sent an absentee ballot. Go Hillary!

But in the meantime…

Given your general feelings about Texas, this struck me as very funny. :slight_smile:

From one Democrat to another, welcome aboard! Jefferson, Jackson, Cleveland, FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Clinton and Obama - you have joined a great and historic party.

Welcome to the light.

Think the GOP would trade us TR and Lincoln even up for Jackson and Jefferson?

I’d bet money on Lincoln being a Democrat today. TR - maybe. Jackson would almost certainly be a Duck Dynasty type Republican. Not so sure about Jefferson, but he was a slave holder.

Yes, it strikes me as funny too. My Hawaiian driver’s license had expired. They probably sent a new one to my old address in Honolulu, but those things are never forwarded. So I was stuck without a US license from any state. (I did and do have a Thai license.) Then my father had his aneurysm in Texas in 1998, and while I was back there for that I picked up a Texas license. Thinking I would probably never live in Hawaii again, I took advantage of the motor-voter law since I counted the family manse as my permanent address. Now the manse is gone, my father is gone, but still I vote in Texas.

I will soon rectify that though, as we are planning to move back to Hawaii in the next 6-12 months.

The Republican Party of Lincoln and TR included the liberals of their day, it’s true, favoring Federal power being aggressively used for good social ends.