Now, John Conyers

I’m guessing this doesn’t get the traction of the Franken story. Conyers wasn’t on SNL.

What do you mean? He’s already stepped down from his senior position on the Judiciary Committee. It’s been a regular feature in the news for some days now, so it has already gotten “traction”. There will be an investigation by the ethics committee, which it seems is the course Franken’s issue is taking. The Franken story had the “advantage” of a photograph, and if there was one here, I’m sure we’d have all seen it by now, too.

Huh. I first heard it today, and very briefly. Guess I’m not paying attention.

Actually, I know I’m not paying attention. On purpose. :smiley:

It’s definitely big news in Michigan. The left-leaning Detroit Free Press Editorial Board called on him to resign last week.

His former deputy CoS has come forward saying he was inappropriate and harassing toward her on multiple occasions. A Detroit reporter said she told him off-the-record about it around the time it happened, so there’s corroboration.

Dude needs to go away, like, yesterday. With this hanging over his head at 88-years-old, he’s not doing his party, his district, his state, or anyone else any good by sticking around.

these ancient guys are like somebody who needs to be taken out by Martin Sheen by going up river.

Yeah, with him I’m tempted to say: OK, you did grow up in a different time, and at your age maybe it’s not worth prosecuting. Just get out of the way and let someone younger folks take over. Isn’t the guy, like, 1,000 years old or something?

The Horror. The Horror!

Latest I’ve heard on it was that Nancy Pelosi told him he needs to step down, but that his lawyer has said he won’t step down. I’m not sure if he ultimately will or not I also read a report that he was hospitalized for stress.

“Stress” is an excellent way of stepping down while still denying the charges of harassment.

It struck me as an excellent way of trying to garner sympathy and delay any decision on resignation until the storm blows over.

ETA: perhaps “excellent” is the wrong word. I think I meant something more like “transparent”

He’s 88, and apparently suffering from level of mental deficiency (there are reports of him wandering around in public in pajamas). There have been several settlements due to sexual misconduct on his part. I’d say there are many reasons for him to step down at this point.

As an aside, “stress” may also be a code for a more serious condition, given other reports.

There definitely ARE, but he doesn’t seem to be acknowledging them yet:

Conyers ‘sure as hell’ won’t be pressured by Pelosi to resign, attorney vows

That doesn’t sound like a message from a man preparing himself to humbly ride off into the sunset

I suspect “stress” is a synonym for the six-pack flu. Rather like a rock musician being hospitalized for “exhaustion”.

Not that groupies can’t be stressful for either musicians, or politicians.


Pelosi went from “he’s an icon” to GTFO in just a few days. not too surprising I guess

“He’s an icon” is the part that surprised me.

Conyers has retired.

And he’s so young!!

Funny how Al Franken, Donald T***p, and Roy Moore haven’t faced any consequences for their behavior but Conyers has. Wonder why that is… what is it about Conyers that makes him different than the others?