Now renamed to The Not-Quite-As-Long-As-We-Thought March

Two English researchers retraced the route of the Long March in China. Seems it was a bit shorter than earlier reported:

I wonder if their visa status is being reviewed?

Were they going around in circles?


With two feet of snow… uphill all the way…

shakes head Whoa! I think I just channeled Mao.

Actually, that sounded more like Madame Chang.

Methinks there are many explanations. First, that the Long March was quoted as 10,000 “li”. Units of measure back in the day were not overly standardized, especially when converted into English and western units of measurement.

Then of course one has to make sure you’re following the “standard” long march route.

another adjustment would be actual ground covered versus as the crow flies. Long March by necessisty covered the most inconvenient/inhospitable routes. The mountains of Sichuan probably added at least 3 times the distance actually covered versus measuring a map.

Anyhoo, the guys did a cool trip. I’ve been over parts of the Sichuan leg of the long march, and it is truly awe inspiring country.