Now that Google Reader has been gone for more than half a year.

What are you using as an RSS reader? What do you like about it? Dislike? Any features that you just can’t seem to get?

Me, I use a couple of different ones

Livejournal shows the whole story (for most feeds), which I read as part of my friends list. Good for feeds that update sporadically, and conversely for those that tend to update many times in a day. However url changes to a feed are hard to fix and easy to miss.

Yahoo home pages lets you do headlines or summaries. It has one box per feed and you get your x number of stories whether that covers two hours or two months.

Neither of these allow me to say “I’ve read this story already”


It’s pretty good, but some feeds have just stopped updating. It’s alright, I didn’t want to know what my YouTube subscriptions were up to anyway. :rolleyes:

I do it through my Outlook at work.

I use the Firefox add-on called Newsfox. OK


Also Feedly, primarily on my phone and tablet.

It’s only been half a year? Seems a lot longer than that. Maybe I switched well before the final cutoff.

I’ve been using ever since GReader went away. It’s the closest I’ve found to the “old style” GReader interface and functionality.

I use Livejournal for my RSS feeds.

another vote for Feedly


Feedly, since before Google Reader had the plug pulled. Especially on mobile, the latter was missing a number of features.

I only use rss on my iPod Touch (which is an iPhone w/o phone) and I use Feeddler. But then you also have to have a subscription service to go along with it, and for that I use BazQux.

I used Feedly for a while, but I haven’t been on it for ages. I guess my browsing habits have just changed.


Feedly, but I don’t love it. It can be glitchy and isn’t quite as snappy on my system as Google Reader was. It also feels like a lot of my feeds have more “junk” and reposted articles, so the utility has gone down.

I still use it, but I’m increasingly moving towards using social services like Reddit and curated serviced like Flipbook.

I’ve been using NetNewsWire for Mac. I don’t actually RSS anything but webcomics, but it seems like a very robust platform.

What is RSS? What is Google reader?

I have found Feedly to be fantastic… especially since they really worked on their web presence ( IIRC, when Google Reader went away, Feedly was a smartphone only thing.

They opened the Feedly Cloud a few months before Reader went away. IIRC, the creation of Cloud was a direct response to the announcement of Reader’s closure.