Anybody else having Google Reader problems?

I’ve been away for several days, and my Google Reader feeds have all gotten very backed up. But when I go in to catch up, there’s weirdness: I’ve got (for example) 6 unread Dilbert comics, but I’ve also got everything back to December 6, all dutifully marked with the little “Mark as read” check mark, but stuck there. “Mark all as read” won’t get rid of them, either.

I’ve had things like this happen with one feed here and there before, but as near as I can tell all of my feeds are malfunctioning the same way.

Anybody else got this going on?

Huh… I haven’t noticed any issues with it, and I spent the morning catching up on everything from Thursday on.

I’d shift-refresh, then try waiting it out.

Thanks, Troy. I tried that early on and neglected to mention it in the OP.

I’m just going to hope it resolves itself overnight.

Holy night. Problem solved.

Somehow, my reader settings got changed from “new items” to “all items.” Jeez.

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As long as the OP is solved and we’re talking about Google Reader… is there a way to just completely disable the “sharing” aspects of Google Reader? I’m sick of it bugging me about people who want to share things with me. All I want is a web-based RSS reader, dammit, not yet another social networking site. When I view it on my phone, they’re wasting almost an entire screenful of space on features I don’t use but have to scroll past to get to the main purpose of the app.

What the poop app are you using? Try Google’s own mobile reader site.

I am using google’s mobile reader site on an android phone. When I go to the “feeds” page, there is room for 10 things in their layout:

  1. All items
  2. Read items
  3. Starred items
  4. Shared items
  5. Notes
  6. People you follow
  7. Comment view
  8. Recommended items
  9. <one of my feeds>
  10. <one of my feeds>

The rest of my feeds are below this and you have to scroll to find them.

Those first 8 things are features which are useless to me. The first one, where you can read all your feeds in one big stream, is something I could conceivably be interested in, but I just don’t read feeds that way, so I never click it. Items 2 through 8 are just junk to me. I can’t figure out why google seems to have relegated the primary purpose of the app – reading specific feeds – to the last two lines on the main page, and to read anything but your first two feeds, you have to scroll down.

Note: this is even worse when I have the phone turned sideways into landscape mode. Then there is literally nothing of interest to me in the first screenful of stuff.

I probably just need to accept it and find a new RSS app, but google reader is so nice on a desktop browser (the keyboard shortcuts are great, for example) that it’ll take a lot to get me to switch. I wish they’d focus a little more on its core functionality and throw out all the junk so it would be bearable on the phone.