Now that Ricky is out, what celebrities "everybody knows" are gay remain?

This is pure gossip- no cites or “I have a friend whose hairdresser’s twin brother used to date ___” testimonies needed.

Bearing in mind that they could well in fact be straighter than the road to hell, who are the “most openly closeted” celebrities remaining? Openly closeted means “lots and lots of gay rumors” coupled with either a refusal to talk about their private life or “never seem gayer than when they deny they’re gay”.

And disclaimer again: every person named could well be straighter than the road to hell.

Tom Cruise (who personally I don’t believe is gay so much as severely strange)

Kevin Spacey

Tyler Perry

Anderson Cooper

Who else?

Jodie Foster.

I think she is out.

Will Smith?
Jada Pinkett?
Ryan Seacrest
Queen Latifah

Richard Simmons

Is he out?

The problem is you’re often getting in to bi-sexual territory.

For instance, Jodie Foster’s mother was married and having an affair with another woman. In fact this lead to her father leaving. Buddy Foster (Mike from Mayberry RFD), notes that after his father left, this woman moved in with them.

This happened before Jodie was even conceived. While this woman, who Buddy says they called “Aunt Jo,” was living with them his mum got pregnant by his father, even though they were living apart and she was having an affair with “Aunt Jo,” she was still having sex with her husband. Long story Jodie Foster was the result of this hook up. In fact the mother named her Jodie to honor her lesbian lover, who was “Aunt Jo” and her last name started with the letter “D” to produce Jo-D or Jodie.

So Jodie Foster was raised for much of her life in a lesbian household. But even then her mother got sick of this “Aunt Jo,” and left her to marry a man, which for various reasons never happened.

This is from Buddy Foster’s book. He states his sister is a lesbian

Pretty much.

Interesting. I just had this discussion with a co-worker today.

I’d argue Tom Cruise might have been gay before; these days he’s been so warped by Scientology that fuck, we might never know the real Tom Cruise.

Still, Top Gun might be one of the “gayest” mainstream movies I’ve ever seen.

I have it on good authority Tiger Woods and Jim Carrey have an ongoing affair.

I wasn’t sure; I hadn’t heard anything definitive, but I’m not really a Hollywood insider.

Barry Manilow

Yes, it was late 2007. Back when she and her partner of 14 years Cydney Bernard hit a rough patch, she finally publicly acknowledged their relationship during a “thank you” at some kind of award ceremony. I remember at the time thinking that such a public comment may have been an attempt to placate a failing relationship (here is a link actually). Sure enough, they broke up a few months later, early 2008.

They since broke up and I believe Foster was seen with a new girlfriend rather quickly.

My reaction to this was to try to figure out why everyone would have thought Ricky Gervais was gay.

Free love on the free love highway?

Olivia Newton-John has long been rumoured to be a lesbian. The fact her ex-husband is also thought to be gay, and her too ugly to be believed daughter Chloe Latanzi, looks like she didn’t inherit one single gene from Newton-John makes it look like Chloe ain’t hers.

Like when her last boyfriend disappeared and was thought to be dead, he was missing month and Newton-John wasn’t even aware he was missing. If this is the man you love, you think you’d notice little things like that. Of course now they think the guy is hiding in Mexico.

I know when I worked in a hotel we had a Tom Cruise stay with us, and he used to have lots of young male visitors at all hours of the night and day. Of course that means nothing really but the only other celebrity that did that was Chris Isaak. Of course with Isaak it wasn’t young men but 20-something young Japanese women. He had so many Japanese women visiting him… Anyway…

Ricky Ricardo is “out”?

I thought the salient fact was that he’s “dead”.

I got to know a guy who used to work at an upscale strip club in San Francisco, and he said that Chris Isaak would regularly come in with various women, (the women he brought to the club were always asian) where the two of them would select a stripper and then all three would get busy in the VIP room, with plenty of toys and games for all…

The strippers were always hoping he would choose them, as apparently he was very generous with his money.

The problem there is that a lot of people, quite a few of them ghey or ghey-friendly, still refuse to acknowledge that anyone is bisexual.

Haven’t you seen Sweatin’ to the Oldies volumes 1, 2 and 4?

I don’t know if Tom Cruise is gay so much as he is asexual and creepy. He has no discernible interest in women, but I’d find definitive proof of him being gay just as bizarre of him being straight. Huh? Tom Cruise wants to have sex with people? Whatever you say. Tyler Perry and Ryan Seacrest are gayer than the pride parade they throw in West Hollywood every year. I keep hearing over and over again that Kevin Spacey is gay, and wouldn’t be surprised if he came out, but I think a lot of people would be since he doesn’t fit the RickyMartin-esque, flamboyant stereotype. Gay or not, I would still totally bone Kevin Spacey.

Well, hell, yes! Wouldn’t anyone? And I’m not even remotely interested in sex of any kind at this stage in my life.

Queen Latifah is out.