Now THAT'S a waistline!

Some things I just don’t get.

I mean, really.

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Gah. Gaahhhh… those poor, poor internal organs…

Seen it before. Don’ like it, personally. I like corsets, but not anywhere near that extreme, and only for a couple of hours at a time. Still, there’s all kinds of different kinks in the world. Full-time corset training is just one of them.

erk. That made me as uncomfortable as circus contortionists do.

I’ve seen this page before and it just makes me sad. This girl obviously has some serious mental problems. I find her like bio info very disturbing

Obviously doctors would tell her she needs some serious mental health issues addressed and kids would only mess up her waistline.

That is assuming she is even able to have children. I imagine that corset is causing some serious internal injuries.

Uterus? Who needs it!

Oh my god!:eek:

Just to give you an idea of what is this girl’s ultimate goal,I give you the world record holderEthel Granger whose only apparent claim to fame is that she had a 13" waist.

Mmmmmm Ethyl

She’s got some work ahead of her:

Smallest waistline is 13 inches. Took 30 years to get there.

Fetishes come in three categories for me.

A Category One fetish is something I understand and hold. Redheads, Catholic School Girls, glasses, that sort of thing.

Category Two fetishes are ones that don’t particularly do it for me, but I can see why someone else might enjoy them. Bondage, feet, and role-playing, for example.

Then there’s Category Three, which I just don’t get at all. Infantilism, coprophilia, ponyplay.

I think this one might be a Two, though it’s knocking on Three’s door.

I know I am going to regret asking this but it doesn’t stop me.

What is pony play? Beastiality or something even worse?

My WAG is that it’s s&m with one partner being ridden by another.

That’s right - the ‘pony’ girl or boy is tacked up and ridden, or pulls a little cart.

Oh good LORD.

Corsets are nice, but that just makes me cringe.

What’s next, breast implants?

I think I posted a thread here a long time ago about this girl… it makes me hurt just to look at it. My favorite picture, though, is this one

I think I’m gonna barf.

Opal I disagree. What can top Spook sitting on Santa’s lap?

For some reason, I find her “ballet boots” to be the most disturbing thing of all. Has anyone heard of these things before?

What I find most alarming is that unlike Bonsai Kitten, this is real.

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Just think, in Victorian England, this woman wouldn’t have been considered strange at all. Quite a few women would have been very jealous…