Now that's an apology

Another one fired, this time for a Holocaust joke in 1998:

That seems a bit excessive, unless he has a record of anti-semitic remarks or behaviour. The articles seem to suggest that it was just a single joke in bad taste 23 years ago.

Well fuck. That totally changes the story and my opinion. Wonder why they didn’t include the details in the original article?

Because the western media always treats Japan with a favoritism bias.

Wikipedia has a semi-comprehensive list of official Japanese war apologies. While they’ve gotten better at it over time*, some past apologies are humdingers. Two of my favorites:

  • August 24, 1982: Prime Minister Zenkō Suzuki said: “I am painfully aware of Japan’s responsibility for inflicting serious damages [on Asian nations] during the past war.” “We need to recognize that there are criticisms that condemn [Japan’s occupation] as invasion” (Press Conference on the textbook controversy).
  • September 6, 1984: Emperor Hirohito said to President Chun Doo Hwan: “It is indeed regrettable that there was an unfortunate past between us for a period in this century and I believe that it should not be repeated again.” (Meeting with (South Korean) President Chun Doo Hwan.)

*whether apologies have been sufficiently backed by actions is of course a matter of continuing controversy.

And totally not because the media are pushing the idea that people are constantly being cancelled over nothing.

Could be a bit of both.