Now, WHERE is That Corpse? NH Crematorium Has problems!

NH authorities have closed down a small crematorium, after finding human remains stored in an old freezer, and human remains in a dumpster. The operator of the crematorium was unable to account for the misplaced remains.
What is it that’s so hard to run a crematorium? Isn’t it just a matter of pushing em in and turning on the gas?
If ya can’t trust your friendly crematorium operator, WHO can uya trust?

I suppose you have to crispy them separately, and it takes IIRC 24 hours? after which they have to grind them into dust…but geez, add a couple employess and work a night shift or something!


Makes you wonder, doesnt it…I mean, the cost of a funeral is getting to be in the orcer of 10,000$US for a fairly plain one…where does the moeny go?!

I know in some states you are required to have a cement vault that has to be waterproof, and you have to have a coffin, but $3000 for a freaking BOX :dubious:

I have my body left to organ donation, followed by educational dissection if there is anything left, then cremation because I dont feel the need to have the whole funereal dog and pony show - they can sweep me out with the trash as far as I am concerned, Ill be done with my body so I really dont care. mrAru was joking about having me turned into one of those industrial diamonds and making a recordplayer needle out of me :smiley: so I told him to have me made into a small gem stud and get his new girlfriend a nipple piercing :cool:

Hey, down in Georgia we’ve got 300 uncremated bodies to NH’s one… the South rU-Les, baby!

Well, not unexpectedly, the “crematorium” in question is located in Seabrook NH, home of the Searbrook nuke plant, and plenty of gun and fireworks sellers (just across the border from Massachusetts). They’re also big on tatoo parlors, but Mass. recently legalized that! Oh, and let me not forget the porno bookstore!

whoosh? Failing to see the connection here.

I think RatatoskK is giving us the impression of a fast and loose border town, that has it’s econmomy based in part in supplying Neighboring Massachusets’ citizens with the stuff that’s banned there. (nearly everything).

So, of course the Crematorium is a cut rate, dodgy place.

Think Nogales for the Brahmins.