Noxious eruptions onstage . . .

I just finished this thread in the BBQ, “Will Somebody Please Stop the Farting?” started by JarbabyJ. I had tears streaming down my face, I was laughing so hard. In a subsequent post, JarbabyJ mentioned she was an actress. That got me to wondering.

Are there any actors in this thread, who have shamed themselves by farting onstage in the middle of an intense scene, thereby distracting the audience and infuriating their fellow actors? Are there any audience members who have witnessed an explosion of this sort? It must be especially humiliating knowing that you can’t run off and hide.

So, fess up and admit to your deepest transgressions. I wanna know!

Obligatory link to Cecil’s column on Le Petomane, which is not entirely irrelevant.

(Close, though.)

Well, I was thinking of something totally accidental ruining a big, dramatic scene. Doesn’t Le Petomane’s entire act consist of farting on cue? What I’m envisioning is Kevin Spacey in the middle of his big scene, letting out a huge BRAAAAAAAPPPPPPP. That would really run the scene.