NPR Garlic Mayonaisse

Did anyone elase make aioli?

Wow. Good stuff.

How did you eat the chickpeas?

I never like making my mayo in a blender, the hand version is so easy that I could get it done and ready faster than I could set up a blender/do the recipe/clean up the blender. I suppose if your making vats of it, a blender would be nice, but for home use, I like the control a whisk gives you.

And a mortar and pestle is nicer for the garlic as well, instead of chopping it, you want to crush it to pulverise it. It’s a slightly different flavour but if your going to do it by hand, you might as well do it all the way. Crush 8 cloves of garlic in a mortar with a pinch of good salt. Add a large egg yolk directly into the mortar and whisk until it’s a pale yellow and forms ribbons. Add oil a few drops at a time until it starts coming together and then add it in a very thin stream. When it gets thick, add the lemon juice to thin it out and then continue adding oil until you get a lovely, rich, fiery aioli… mmm… food of the gods.

Nonetheless, seeing the garlic and egg at the bottom, the blades whirling uselessly over it, and dribbling in the olive oil…Mayonnaise appears! Which, wonder of wonders, tastes better than Hellmans.
Can you tell it’s the first time I’ve made it.
Almost as impressive as Hollandaise. :slight_smile: