NPR's Weekend Edition about to make the Hatless JFK mistake

NPR’s Weekend Edition is running a promo for the January 15th show that seems to say that a feature will claim John F. Kennedy was hatless at his inaugural. Now, I made that mistake myself in the past, so it’s not like I’m better than them. However, I don’t have a newsroom to do my research for me, either. If their story turns out the way the teaser implies, somebody dropped the ball. Here’s the teaser in print; the audio version is different, but makes the same point.

I forgot the Snopes link.

I’m sure he wore a tophat during the motorcade. He tipped it to his father as the motorcade passed.

Actually, they didn’t make the mistake. The lead-in to the piece mentioned that most people believe that JFK didn’t wear a hat at his inauguration, and that that spelt the demise of men wearing hats. In fact, they made a point of the facts that:

  1. JFK did wear a hat for part of the time, and,
  2. Hats had been in decline since the '30s.