NT4 Help, remote console?

Is there a remote console program for an NT4 server that will run on a Windows 98 workstation?

I dial into a customer’s network to a Win98 PC via PCAnywhere to do admin functions on Linux firewall/mail server and Novell servers. They have a pair of NTs that function as a VPN between Dallas and Austin that sometimes just need rebooting or reconnecting the VPN.

I set the VPNs up originally, but I don’t know what all I can do from a workstation. I have all the privileges to do what needs to be done if I were at the NT’s keyboard, but I’m 20 miles away from the Dallas system and 200 miles away from the Austin system.

I end up talking people thru getting things going that are even less familiar with NT than I am.

I have extra copies of PCAnywhere that I could load on the NTs, but is there an easier way to run console functions from a workstation?

Thanks for any help,

Check out VNC, a free, open-source remote console utility available from http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc.

It consists of a server and a viewer (you can also use a web browser as a viewer)

I checked it out. It looks a little complex since it seems to be able to view any desktop on any other system. I was hoping for more of a client side console for NT. Much like RConsole is a remote console for Novell that runs on a DOS client.

Thanks, though, it may be what I have to have.