Nuclear Attack

I am very afraid that we are very close to a Nuclear Attack
on the USA, from any country, including Iraq. In the times we live in today, anything is possible, including a Nuclear Attack. The short film Quiet Darkness shows just how real the threat is.

You can watch the 3 Minute Nuclear Attack film here:

What’s the debate? Or is it more of an advert?

If it’s nuclear war related films, I always found Threads, When The Wind Blows and The Day After to more than adequately terrify the living hell out of me.

Come now people. Surely you realize nothing can compare to the terror invoked by the movie “Dr. Strangelove”!

My guess is that long before anyone launches a nuclear warhead at us from afar, terrorists of some ilk will manage to plant one by driving it in with a truck and setting it off in a major metropolitan area of a western city. I must admit I’m surprised that it hasn’t happened yet. I was worried about it as long ago as the 1970s.

Somehow…I don’t think Iraq will be bothering anyone soon.

Check out Alas Babylon by Pat FrankA book set around here, nuclear holocaust-wise.

Dr. Strangelove, Fail-Safe, and By the Dawn’s Early Light are good in the film department.

Then, go buy some canned goods and lead shielding. :smiley:

We best remember that the sub-title to the book*** Dr. Strangelove*** was “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.”

That was satirical. Today, we of the world had best address by whatever methods we can devise, the poliferation of this ungodly device.

Peacemongers who priss down streets, throwing rocks and cussing cops are about as productive as ticks on a turtle.

Hm. If we were to be attacked by nuclear bombs by Iraq… you’d think it would have happened already.

And if the Iraqis have “weapons of mass destruction”, why haven’t they used them already? :rolleyes:


If it happens, it’ll be because someone let Matthew Broderick use a computer.

Not really a nuclear war movie, but rather the weapons of mass destruction type of film: omega man

Now that’s a scary vision. Unless I happen to be NRA Charlie of course :wink:

Star Wars anyone?

Would it make you feel any better (safer) if you had satalites orbiting over your house and country that were capable of intercepting incomming nukes? Well if so then don’t worry about such an attack because one of our former presidents had the vision to start such a project back in the 80’s. To prevent such an event from happening.