Numb patch on my hand -- should I be concerned?

So, um, I’ve got this numb patch on the palm of my left hand … it’s about the size of a quarter, right between the fleshy part at the base of the thumb and the fleshy part that runs down the opposite side of the palm, near the wrist (I have neither my copy of Gray’s Anatomy nor any of my books with palmistry charts handy, otherwise I’d describe that a bit better). I’ve been having problems with sharp cramps of the muscles under that area when I try to pinch things with that hand, but a few days ago I realized that the skin itself is numb, and it’s really starting to bug me.

I’ve already got a big ol’ numb patch on the side of my knee from the severing of a subcutaneous nerve during surgery three years ago … at this rate, I’ll be practically leperous soon. But it’s very difficult to get to the local doctor (since I lack a car), and I don’t want to go all the way over there whining and moaning about nothing.

Jeebus, I could make a three-hour tale out of a limerick. To sum up: part of my palm is numb. Should I see a doctor, or is it probably nothing?

I’ve got a numb patch on the bottom of my feet (both). I went to a podiatrist once and was told to get orthotics, but I haven’t been able to save the money for them yet. If your worried, go to the Doctor. You just never know.

Sounds like nerve compression in the wrist. It may not get any worse (or it may) but it probably won’t get better without the ministrations of a hand surgeon. Get it checked out if you don’t think you can live with it or if it starts to get worse.

If it is nerve compression, is there anything I can do to temporarily alleviate the symptoms and/or keep it from getting worse until I can get to the doctor? At the moment I’m trying the “try not to use the hand at all” route, with an ace bandage to remind myself to be nice to it. Would a wrist brace help?

(jeez, it’s a wonder internet pr0n ever took off – typing with one hand is a pain)

i overworked my right arm building my garage and now that arm is numb from the elbow down. :frowning: