Number locks key stuck (Need answer fast)

My num locks key is stuck and thus my rt hand characters are showing numbers.
(I have had to cut and paste letters and words from documents to create this post.)

comes out as
0y n40ber 36c2s 2ey 5s st4c2 and th4s 0y r5ght hand characters are sh6w5ng n40bers. 5 have had t6 c4t and *aste 3etters and w6rds fr60 d6c40ents t6 create th5s 6st.

Any s4gest10ns ?

I have a Dell V0STR0 1510

my g ess is the boy did it with f00d.

Than2 y04.

[Gett1ng a new b0y or computer a1ready cons1dered btw]

Take a butter knife and gently pry the key up off the key board. Clean with a q-tip, then replace key by putting back in place and pressing down firmly.

If it’s not physically stuck, try SHIFT + ScrollLock or try Fn+Numlock. I don’t suggest prying up laptop keys.

I think that EvilTOJ has the answer. This is a notebook system without a separate numeric keypad, but using the Fn-Numlock key combination, you can use part of the main keyboard as a numeric keypad. Don’t pry up the keys. That won’t fix the problem and notebook system keys are really hard to put back.

If you can’t fix it, you can get an inexpensive wireless keyboard to hook up to your laptop. My s, e, and m keys all failed on my laptop keyboard, so I just went out and bought a $20 wireless keyboard from Target. I actually like it much better than the original keyboard anyway.

Jut for kick, hr i what th original kyboard look lik now. :smiley:

I had to do the keyboard thing, thankfully I remembered I had a box of junk with a roll up silicone keyboard in it. I hate it but it works for now.

The keys were too flat to try /risk popping off, so I will give a try with some air blast or something tomorrow>

Now I know that I will be getting myself a new computer and giving my seven year old this one to watch his lego videos on. and you know, eat treatza pizza from dairy queen dripping all over the keyboard! I think its caramel on the keys:smack:

Thanks for the help espec. Mrs whatsit

So you didn’t try what EvilTOJ suggested? Because I think he has the answer; that the keyboard has been switched to a mode in which some of the keys on the right side are giving numbers instead of letters, and you can switch it back using a key combination like FN+Numlock.

Get a new computer if you want, but I don’t think this is a reason to replace it.

It wasn’t that it is toggled on and needs to be toggled off, it is that the numlock key was stuck (as in with sticky things)toggled down. I have tried and pressed all the requisite combos, it seems most likely that the carmel/skor bar chocolate treatza pizza dripped on the computer has gummed up several of the keys.

The F10 thru the Numlock and the + sign are all gummed up.