Number of divorces

Yeah, I know, Google is my friend but no answer yet.

Anyone know the breakdown of population by number of divorces…?

e.g., x% have been divorced once.
y% have been divorced twice.

This aint no PhD dissertation so feel free to go nuts.

Christ…no answers yet!?! This will impact you guys more than global warming (in our lifetime) so gimmie something to work with!

Census bureau has that data but for people under 60 it includes divorced, widowed and separated people. As of 2000 the number is 40% for all 3 categories combined. For 60 and over they break it down and that age group is 10% divorced. is a great site for this kind of info.

You’d have to take age into account. For instance, A thirty-five year old might never have divorced, but he will have divorced by the time he is seventy.

Ok, thanks for the replies folks but I should probably have been more specific. I have a friend that has been married and divorced 4 times. The common denominator is obvious.

Now, it is possible for the most well-adjusted person to be just plain unlucky and end up in 4 divorces. But I am trying to help her. She is a good person but, dang, 4 divorces at the age of 47?!? There are professionals that might be able to help. Knowing what the odds were might be a big plus in making the case for outsourcing some help. That is the number that I am missing.

US Divorce stats by age, region and religion
I think it’s safe to say very few people get divorced 4 times. I would think less than 1% of people get divorced 4 times.

Thanks! And, by the way, I had to change my pants with all those nuggets of data…but still looking for the stats on 4+ divorces.

In 2004, 12 percent of men and 13 percent of women had married twice, and 3 percent each had married three or more times.

source: US Census Bureau

Now that is close to the money shot!!! Thanks!!