Number One Show at 8:30 central???

I was wondering if there was any corrilation(sp??) between a shows chance at being number one and its time slot.

I know we have had number one shows at 7pm (Cosby), 7:30p (Lavern & Shirley), 8pm (Seinfeld) and 9pm(ER) but I can’t recall any tv show that was number one, for the year, that had a regular slot at 8:30pm

Of course the times above are Central. If you live in the East or Pacific time zones make it 9:30pm.

Also anyone know of a site that lists the TV shows rankings from Nielson.

Well, if you’re looking at Thursday night (which the Cosby, Seinfeld, ER references support, I don’t know what night L&S was on.), there was a time when the Thursday night line-up was 7:00 Cosby 7:30 Family Ties 8:00 Cheers (Was Cheers not #1 at some time?) 8:30 Night Court 9:00 LA Law. (Please do not ask how I know that.) So, what did Night Court hit?

I want to say the John Larroquette Show was on at 8:30, but I don’t know (1) What # it hit or (2) if that was a regular time slot for the show.

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I’d have to guess that 7:30 and 8:30 #1 shows are rare, and even if L&S was number one (I’ll take your word for it) at 7:30 its a fluke. The even slots just lend themselves to being the better shows. If a show in an odd slot does well, the station will move it and use the odd slot to promote a new slow between two successful ones. I guess the point is that the time slot doesn’t influence the success of the show, but the success of the show influences the time slot.

MAS*H was on a :30 (7:30 Mountain) and quite popular.

I think the on-the-hour shows have a greater chance at success. On-the-30 shows are likely to coincide with the last half of an hour long show. Top-of-the-hour channel-hopping helps the on-the-hour shows.

Leno, Letterman, and O’Brien’s shows are the only hour-longs I can think of that don’t start on the hour. (Discounting WTBS’s innane 5-minute offset.)