What's the success rate of the post-Super Bowl timeslot?

Common wisdom supposedly says that the post-Super Bowl timeslot is one of the bigger non-special-event timeslots of the year. (By “non-special-event” I mean a timeslot that shows NSEs, not that the Super Bowl isn’t a special event.)

This year, of course, Survivor II is showing after the Super Bowl, in an effort to give it a huge kick start. In past years it’s been used to premiere other shows, season premieres, and first-run movies.

Does anyone know the success rate of those series that debut after the Super Bowl? In the back of my mind I have a vague recollection of a show that was supposed to be kick-butt, and was on first thing after the Super Bowl … but quickly fizzled. But for the life of me, I can’t remember details.

So IS the post-Super Bowl timeslot a virtual guarentee for success, or has it been hit-and-miss with its share of failures? And just what IS that one big show I’m trying to remember that fizzled? Or am I remembering wrong? Thanks!

Some recent choices:

2000 - The Practice
1999 - Family Guy & Simpsons
1998 - 3rd Rock from the Sun
1997 - X-Files
1996 - Friends (w/ Julia Roberts and Van Damme)
1995 - Extreme (starring James Brolin)

Extreme may be the one you are thinking of. Apparently it died so fast the networks gave up on launching new series. Here’s a (somewhat) relevant article: http://www.ohio.com/bj/fun/tv/1998/012498.html