Numberpad? Why different than the phone

Why is the numberpad on calculators or keyboards are different than the numberpad of the phones. since an avarage human dials mmore numbers than he uses a calculator why it is ordered in a strange fashion?

A friend of mine told me that in accounting numbers 0-1-2-3- and 5 are used very frequently and in order to acess these numbers real quick the calculator is designed that way but i am not sure his explanation is right.

See Cecil’s report on this from several years ago:

And you question is backwards: the numberpad on calculators (actually adding machines) long preceeded the telephone touch-tone keypad. So the question is why the phone company used a different design. Which is explained in that column.

The report misses an obvious point about the old-style cash registers and calculators: You did have a matrix of buttons for each decimal point. Each button was attached to a shaft that turned a wheel that changed the numbers. The nine, turned the wheel nine positions; the one turned the shaft one position (there was no zero button; you just didn’t press anything if there was a zero in that column). This meant the 9s had a much longer shaft than the 1s. Putting the 9 at the bottom would have made for an awkward arrangement – the larger number keys would get in the way. By putting 1 at the bottom, you can minimize the difference in key height and, as a bonus, have the keyboard sloping toward the user.

That makes sense. You should post it in Comment’s on Cecil’s and see if they’ll add that to the end of the article.